Samsung Galaxy S7 Rooting Package

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rooted

Rooting has now become very important task for Smartphone users, specially geeky guys who just don’t want to rely in what they got from their phone. Because they known the phone can offer much more, by just getting its root access. By Rooting we get the complete Administrative access to the phone’s operating system using which can not only customize or personalize the phone as per our preference but also unlock its complete capabilities that also enhances the performance. But at the same time, there are also some disadvantages of Rooting, for example, security breach and avoiding the warranty.

However, if you still want the Admin access by knowing the risk, here’s the complete Rooting package for your Samsung Galaxy S7. You need the latest Samsung USB Driver for your S7, you need Odin tool and the Chainfire CF-Auto-Root file to root your S7. All these files can be downloaded in one click to the links provided below. Remember, in our case, we are using Indian variant of Galaxy S7 which is SM-G930F and so we chose the respective CF-Auto-Root file. If you have other model, download the proper Root file from Chainfire. Rest other files will remain same as provided here.

So, go ahead and get all these files to your desktop and follow the step by step Rooting Guide for Samsung Galaxy S7 provided at Forums. If you face any problem or need any more help, we are just a comment away.

Samsung Galaxy S7 RootedDownload Galaxy S7 USB Driver | Download Samsung Odin | Download CF-Auto-Root

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