Top 5 video softwares to deal with video easily

There are some programs which are best in dealing with video easily. However, softwares are different and that is why you need to understand each and get to make up the decision of which to choose. Below are the top five video softwares to help you deal with video easily in normal life.

1. Final Cut studio: the reason why I choose final cut studio software as the number one is because it is only found in the Macintosh computers and also lots of friendly versions are available. The final cut studio comes with the whole package of Motion, Livetyp, special effect editing program and animated test program. However, it is good to understand well the difference between Pro, Final cut studio, Express and others. The Final cut Express is considered to be the best version because everyone can use it when editing the videos. But again, final cut pro is the best choice for many because it helps serious editors and much more in the studio.

Final Cut studio

2. Adobe Creative Suite: Adobe should stand be the winner because it has different programs and packages which are available on both Windows and Mac. The application that we are talking about here is Adobe Premiere. The software comes with creative suite (CS) packages but if not you can buy it in the standalone. The software has got all the tools you need in editing your videos. This depends on your CS packages you have.

3. Avid Media Composer: this software has been considered as the main video editing program in the whole world. However, nowadays it is still used around by some production houses. Avid is more useful because it is more accurate in video editing especially in the database managing tools, maintaining color level, broadcast and the frame accuracy control. This program is also expensive and too hard for the users who are not familiar in making the videos that can compete with other users who use the Final Cut Studio.

Avid Media Composer

For an average user, it is easy to put all together the animated stuff with the templates he want but limited to the styles he want due to the Avid. This is why you see some of the other programs are listed in top because they are ranked well by the professionals. An example is when we compare two editors, who have the same computer skills, both sense and practical method, one of them use the Final cut studio DVD software and the other one use Avid, it is clear that the guy using final cut studio will make the video faster than the one using Avid. The reason is because Avid need professionals when it comes to deal with video editing.

4. aimersoft video editor: this is a editing software with multiple function to deal with video. It is a good program which can support more than 200+ formats and it is supposed to be one of the best alternative for imovie. And the most important part is that this software can provide more than 100 amazing effects, with the free trail, everybody can test the function.

aimersoft video editor

5. Windows Movie Maker: the software comes with windows and has some of the basic editing capabilities for the users. It helps the users to edit different videos and music. The software is also cheap and available in computers software stores.

Windows Movie Maker

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