Nokia to complete it’s Devices and Services sale to Microsoft on April 25th


Nokia is finally moving on. Some time ago Nokia and Microsoft came with a pack deal. This deal consist of selling Nokia  devices with Microsoft Phone OS. The deal is not about the end. This $7.2 billion deal will end on the 25th of this month. Officially Nokia has not announced this but the new came out from a leak letter which sent to all Nokia Suppliers. Mostly the phone division. After closing the deal on April 25, 2014 Nokia has full right to provide their devices with different OS also. It looks recently tested android pone Nokia X showed up a new platform which carries lots of profit. Both the companies have agreed on the closing deal.

nokia microsoft
Microsoft was officially managing and its social media presence when they were in the contract. Microsoft already holds Nokia rights for next decade. So closing of this deal does not means end of Lumia devices. Nokia might continue to provide more newer model under the series. Microsoft might make changes in the brand name also for its devices. Final information will be out when new devices appear after the deal closure. Things are not proper clear has officially both companies has decided to stay quiet on this matter.

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