Did You Tried Google’s New Neighbourly App ? A Big Challenge to Facebook and WhatsApp

Google Neighbourly app

Now stop wandering because the new Google app is there ,which helps in finding the different locations from a small shop to the big malls and Mart’s. You can find milkman or housemaid or servant nearby your location. Google is making it easier for us to find all these.

This ‘Neighbourly ‘ App helps the users to have conversation in the neighborhood which includes questioning and answering session. The questions asked by the people are answered . It authorizes users to perform various activities such as warning the community about the series of the vehicle interference,it can organise neighborhood watch group, can suggest reliable local plumbers or mechanic,can ask for the timing of school and college buses,can seize the details of a moral babysitter and much more activities can be performed by the app. Confidential social networking tricks and techniques are used by this application ,in the same way under passengers can rate the drivers ,The users of this app gather reliability scores based on the ranking of responses.

Now how to use Neighbourly Application? Following steps can be helpful:

1.Visit Google PlayStore and in the search box type Neighbourly App .Download and install this application on your smartphone.
2.Now Open the application and sign into your Google account.
3.A green button at the bottom will appear that says ‘Continue As ( Your Name)’ tap on it.This app asks for permission to access your location.
4.The app will locate your GPS position,that will set the neighborhood location accordingly.Now certain guidelines will appear and you have to accept those , which are called neighbourly promise.

Google Neighbourly APK

If you still wondering what exactly this app does, then read this:

Neighbourly is a hyper local social network ,that came in India in may 2018 by the Google’s next billion user program. The main purpose of this application is to provide crucial information and expertise. From your kitchen needs to every need .It fulfills everything that is required. This app also allows the users to clear doubts and queries by letting them ask questions and answering them to the neighborhood and nearby areas. An aviator run of the application is started by the Google in Mumbai.

Here users can ask questions in the languages they are comfortable in, and they can answer questions without having the need to share personal details.User’s details are kept hidden and private, it only shows the first name of user keeping other information such as phone number ,full name etc . hidden.Neither the profile photo of the user can be downloaded or enlarged my much as the other applications do. After signing in this application, everyone promises to keep the community safe and secure by avoiding the spam messages and inappropriate content.

As Google says , “Neighbourly Application is the most helpful , reliable ,easy and comfortable way to ask questions and answer them.” In this modern era and digital world , almost half billion Indians are using smart phones , Google saw it as an opportunity to hold a monopolistic power for search ,social networking and payments ,and with the growth of Google it is also challenging the famous social networking sites such as Facebook , WhatsApp and Instagram.

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