Get Android P on Your Phone Before Anyone Else – Here’s how 

Android Pie on Any phone

Android as we know it, has always come up with its new versions and updates with some delicious names and the latest one is no different. Lately, Android announced its most anticipated latest version and its called Android 9.0 Pie. Since the official announcement of its release is already done by Google, currently its only available on Pixel Smart-phones. The latest version has a lot of features to look forward to, from fresh new features, to a refreshing new look, changes in navigation and many more.

A lot of android users might be craving for this amazing new user interface on their device and hate the long wait of Software Update, this article will tell you exactly step by step how you can get it. The Best part is you don’t have to root your phone and hence, can still keep that sweet warranty on your device, its super simple and will take only few minutes. Without further adieu, lets get on with it.

Impressive Feature:

Mobile Addiction is growing rapidly and is a prime concern of many, thankfully Google has thought about it. The newest addition to Android is this Digital WellBeing that helps prevent mobile addiction through several functionality. One of the aspect of this feature is Dashboard where one can analyse the time spent on an app, disable its notification or the entire app so as not to get distracted. Same feature is available in PlayStore via apps like Offtime or Forrest

Another one is call App Timer which serves almost same purpose. On PlayStore, many apps are available such as App Block or App Off Timer whose practicality resemble quite a lot with App Timer.

Homescreen – make it look exactly like a stock Android Pie

  • Download – Pixel Launcher apk file
  • Set it as your default launcher, allowing all the permissions
  • Download Android P wallpapers, or you can also download the Android P wallpaper app
  • Set those wallpapers for home screen and lock screen.

Same Buttons and Navigation Gestures

  • There are many gesture app available on PlayStore.
  • Download any one of the gesture app like Navigation Gestures of X-Home Bar app
  • Allow all the permissions required after opening the app
  • You will see the navigation bar is replaced by a 3-button bar, similar to that of Android P like Pill

Note: This Pill has mufti-functionality feature, as in you can assign different shape, size and even gestures to the pill.

As Simple as that can be, now anyone can enjoy the Android Pie on their android smart-phone. Same fresh look, feel and user experience at no cost and very easy to get. Who wants to wait for Android to send software updates, get started with your own Android P look on your phone and thank me later!!

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