Xiaomi’s Foldable Smartphone with Triple-fold Design Leaked Online

Xiaomi Foldable Smartphone

One of the biggest smartphone brand Samsung is really working hard in putting a different face in front of its users. Samsung is having an image makeover with another smartphones which comes with a Foldable factor. They were first to tease an Android Foldable Smartphone a few months ago. But recently, Xiomi has leaked a video online showing a foldable phone. While, there’s someone else who has already showcased World’s First Foldable Smartphone which will be soon available commercially to consumers.

The phone is tabled sized and google maps was shown accessed on it. According to the video leaked it is showcased in a way that it can be folded from both the sides giving it a smartphone form factor. The configuration of the device is such that it can be triple folded and have a hinge near the center. The device acts both as smartphone and as tablet.

The race which is started by Samsung is now being joined by Xiomi and now we are expecting other smartphone makers to bring on their foldable smartphones. The famous leakster Evan Blass has posted a 20-second video of a foldable device but he isn’t sure about the authenticity of the video as of now.

From the video leaked, it has been noted that the device is Chinese in origin. According to him, the upcoming handset could be from Xiomi. The UI of the phone is similar with that of MIUI. Moreover, the power buttons look to be at the center top edge and the UI on the device is completely optimized when the device is folded to a smaller size. The status bar and lock screen clearly indicate that the device is Xiomi. A phone like this could serve as a halo model that attracts people to the brand, even if it only sells in tiny numbers.

ET News sources in July of last year that Xiaomi was developing an “out folding” phone with plans to release it sometime in 2019. Moreover, the company is known for pushing the boundaries of smartphone design — the Mi Mix series touted nearly bezel-free displays months before other major brands followed suit.

An amazing thing about the device is that it keeps in sync with the size of the screen as it folds. The switching from tablet UI to Phone UI and vice-versa doesn’t create any haphazard to the items on the screen. When we fold the screen the bottom bar gets narrower making the design look simple and attractive.

There are plenty of unknowns if you assume the rumor is true, though. Will this be as expensive as it looks? How does it handle photos? And do you have to fold it backward, or do you risk scratching the displays when you fold it up for your pocket? It’s easy to see why Xiaomi might experiment all the same.

Possibly in the coming time, we will see a great variety of foldable smartphones ranging in every price as its been a long that these Chinese companies are putting their sweat into it. And if Xiomi is not able to make the exciting phone, then they might lose their customers.

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