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dershare MobileTrans

Wondershare has some really helpful tools for your smartphones among which MobileTrans is also one. Wondershare MobileTrans is a Backup and Data Transfer tool that allows you to transfer your contacts, messages, Call logs, installed applications, images, videos, music, etc to a new Phone in just one simple click. You can perform this Transfer tasks in between any smartphones whether they are iOS, Android, Symbian or even BlackBerry devices. All devices running on these operating system are compatible with MobileTrans.

Apart from Transfer, MobileTrans also allows you Restore data taken from BlackBerry or iTunes or this software itself. It offers one click Restore solution. You can choose what all stuffs from the backup you want to restore on your phone, no need to restore the entire Backup file including unwanted stuffs which you already have on your device. Using MobileTrans you can also Backup your device’s (selective or entire) data on your PC.

This applications also allows you to erase your phone’s data securely. We all know we can simply format the device to wipe out all our stuffs, but you must be aware that even after formatting the device, there use to be some files left on your phone which can be enough for others to retrieve your confidential data. Using MobileTrans you can completely wipe out your phone, leaving no trace. If you were looking for such tool, this is the best choice i an suggest. The application is priced at just $19.25 but you can try it out downloading from here.

dershare MobileTransDownload Wondershare MobileTrans

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