Android Q 10.0 May Bring Update Rollback Feature for Apps

Android Q OS

In the upcoming months, Android is launching its next Android version. The new Android version will probably called as “Android Q”. It is expected to be launched at Google I/O 2019. There has been quite a lot of features in the next version and developers are breaking their back in order to provide users something exciting.

An image has been leaked which shows the semi-cooked state of Android Q. While most of the previous version names depends on the names of desserts. It been speculating that for the next version i.e. Q Google should drop the desserts next year, because Q is too hard.

As seen earlier, the privacy and security were compromised in the previous versions to some extent. So, in the Q version, Google will focus more on privacy and security. And as its been seen in the recent days, a lot of companies are launching their foldable smartphone such as Samsung and Huawei. So, Android Q is made in such a way that it is compatible with all the foldable device. Android Q is essentially supposed to be a more refined version of the Android 9 Pie.

The new Android version is said to have a feature that restrict the third-partythird-party apps from reading your clipboard. And the permission is “android.permission.READ_CLIPBOARD_IN_BACKGROUND”. This helps the user to only read the data available in the clipboard running in the background. The permission “Signature” is given to the app which means only those who have a valid signature can be given access to clipboard data in background.

The Android Q has seen with some other new permissions which makes things more interesting. There is this new permission, titled “PACKAGE_ROLLBACK_AGENT” and “MANAGE_ROLLBACKS”. And as the name suggest the new permission can roll back the current version of Google play app to its previous version.

There are quite a few broadcast events that will roll back the last action. Such package is provided in the permissions titled “PACKAGE_ENABLE_ROLLBACK” and “PACKAGE_ROLLBACK EXECUTED”.

Earlier back in 2017, The location access for third party apps was restricted but this time in the Android Q, the feature is coming back. The description of the new permission, titled “ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION”. The permissions provide a disclaimer stating that the app will show location even when the app is not used. Although the location provided by the apps will be the approx. permission provided by the inbuilt permission feature.

The image leaked show various fonts and icons and accents colours. XDA Developers has found that there are two pre-installed fonts, namely Arvolato and Rubik; four icon shapes, including Rounded Rectangle, Square, Squircle, Teardrop; and three accent colours, including Black, Green, and Purple.

In California, On May 7 and May 9, Google is hosting its developers conference. On that event, it was expected that Google might officially unveils its Android Q. The new Android version is expected to have the following features:

• System wide dark mode
• Support foldable phone
• Facial verification
• Enhanced PiP Mode
• Secure permissions
• Downgrading apps

So when the world is yet warming with Android Pie, The developers at Google are ready to break the world through Android Q.

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