Lava Iris 504Q Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM


Lava stopped rolling out any further update after Android 4.4 Kitkat for Lava Iris 504Q. Now, as we are in era of all new Android 5.0 Lollipop with several new features, new animations and new UI called Material Design. Can Iris 504Q users get the taste of Lollipop? Yes, of course. Here is the Lollipop 5.0 based Custom ROM for Lava Iris 504Q.

It is very light ROM, consuming just about 300 MB of your system, that is even less than the original factory rom. Performance is smooth and you get new look of the device. You can check the Performance in this video. Installation consists of three steps, i.e Rooting, Custom Recovery, and ROM installation. You can check the step by step installation guide here having the video tutorial as well. In this post, i am attaching all required files for this process. Have Fun !


Download Rooting and Recovery Package | Download Lollipop Custom ROM

26 thoughts on “Lava Iris 504Q Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM

  1. Its an awesome lollipop ROM for lava iris 504Q but I found two big bugs in it
    1) When I try to open running apps settings gets automatically closed so not able to see which apps are running and how much ram is free now and
    2)in dialer app after dailing a no. there is no response when pressing call button beneath, so not able to call anybody when I dial a number
    I like this ROM plzz fix these bugs so that I use this again
    Thank you

    1. Hello Akash. It’s unfortunate to hear you are facing those problems. But, if you see our Video with this ROM on youtube, you can see there’s no problem. Infact we are still using the phone and haven’t faced any problem.

      The quick fix for this is to simply Re-install the ROM again from beginning. Most of the time Custom ROM create such problem but get SOLVED on RE-INSTALLATION.

  2. After installing the ROM While switching on the device on Google is blinking further it is not going

      1. i did everything just the way you wrote and now i’m stuck at the google logo.
        i cant even boot into recovery, whatever i do it just goes stuck to the google logo screen……how do i restart the installation when i’m stuck at this?
        So basically my phone is bricked…-.-

        1. Stucking at logo is common with custom ROMs but it gets fixed after restarting the process again from the beginning. As you can see the video, we haven’t had any problem.
          But the only concern is why you are not able to get in to recovery again. I would suggest you to remove the battery, sim, SD card, and leave the phone for couple of minutes. The attach back everything and try again to get into recovery.

          Hope it helps. Please let me know the results. Regards.

        2. Correction: i was finally able to fix the issue on my own, and now able to run the rom successfully. thank god.
          but i want to ask you that how to minimize the quicksettings in the notifications drawer that get expanded if you try to drop down the main notification drawer once more……i cant minimize them once they get expanded and then they take up all the space in the drawer

          1. Yes, exactly. Even i am trying to figure it out. But, i realize that it goes away on its own after a day or say.

          2. Another issue but its not that bothersome is that the keyboard is set as hindi default and only other language option is “hinglish”.
            Now what is this hinglish language?…..i mean i know that we use english letters to type hindi words but still one would want a proper english keyboard in a ROM as default……i cant figure out how to add english in the keyboard. the default is already english from US but no english on the keyboard

        3. hello …Aeshwarye Aggarwal
          how did you managed to solve the issue
          am also stuck at google logo…
          please reply….

  3. I’m not able to download the recovery image, i downloaded the mobileuncle app from play store though. Is the link inactive?

    1. Hi Rohith. Both links seems to be working fine here. Can you please tell me what exact problem you facing while downloading the Recovery?

      1. Nevermind, I told my friend to download it for me and i’ve got it.
        I have found some bugs
        1. The flashlight stays on forever if I click a pic with flash on using Snapchat.
        2. The notification tray when we pull down doesn’t go up? Any solution for that?

  4. i am trying this rom.. Any solution for the notification tray yet ??..:(
    please find a solution for it..

          1. when i root the phone it says.. no root access in root checker..and if i open supersu, it says binaries not installed and supersu cannot install it

  5. How to get the version of same mobile uncle tool you guys are showing in video coz when I installed it from playstore it will be in Chinese language and no options for lava iris rather than for honor lenovo and other so plz give that mobile uncle tool apk link which is used above or uplode it to mail

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