WhatsApp Upcoming Feature: Nobody can Add You to Groups Without Your Permission

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Whatsapp is an easy medium to connect people and the best communicating application of the time that makes millions people join this instant messenger. With everyday advancement in technology, the application is also becoming more user-friendly. Prior when WhatsApp was launched its only purpose was to exchange messages. But now there are much more to do. Recently it has been heard from sources that WhatsApp is taking their feature to another level.

They are currently working on their freshly baked feature in which they will give their user more control over the group. It is revealed by the sources that this feature is currently being available to test on iOS in beta version of WhatsApp. Unlike Android, there was no Beta for iOS but not it is. Makers made quite easy for users who are interested in joining this testing program. In order to be a Beta user, they must download the test flight app.

Now let’s discuss what is this entire shout about new feature of WhatsApp. Earlier, although there were many useful privacy settings available in the app, but you didn’t have any control to protect yourself to be added in any group. This makes quite a difficult situation sometimes for all of us. But soon, you will have control over WhatsApp groups also.

WhatsApp Group Control Feature

As you all knew how WhatsApp is a best and most used communicating medium. Almost everyone is active on it and to make it convenient, they create groups in WhatsApp. The group feature allows most of the user to be at the same place and saves time. But now WhatsApp has done some update that will give user a power to be added on groups or not. Basically, it will be in hand of the user to want to get involved in groups or not. This new feature is a lot of relief for people who want to save them from unnecessary trouble.

WhatsApp group invitation offers three choices to their user. These three options are totally available for users to decide. These options include ‘Everyone’, in which everyone can be added on groups. The second option is ‘My Contact’, in which only the contacts that are saved in groups can be added. And the third option includes ‘Nobody’ in which the invitation is sent by admin to join the group.

This invitation will be sent in the form of a link. The link will only be valid for 72 hours. This feature of WhatsApp is something which gives ease to their user. It will keep people from unnecessary headaches. However, it is not available yet but the feature is already accepted by a user. WhatsApp every day tries to do something new to make it more lovable and user-friendly. After the success of their test on the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS, it will soon be seen on Android to all users. Although, there is no particular date when it will be active on regular users phones.

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