Xiaomi Mi 9 Appeared in Leaked Images and Video Posted by CEO

Xiaomi Mi 9 Photo

Xiaomi being the best seller in the market, keep surprising their customers with every new launch. And it seems like Xiaomi is going to create a huge blast with the launch of its new Flagship, Xiaomi Mi 9. The phone is getting launched on February 19th in China. Since Chinese had already owned the manufacturing market, with Xiaomi’s new launch, they will give their haters a perfect reply. To give Xiaomi’s tough competition, other makers are preparing for summer launches.

Photos of new launch are already surfaced all over the internet. It is very easy for device explorer to assume about the phone. The image makes quite easier to predict about new launch. The photo which is leaked by the website Weibo gives us a piece of information about the rear end of the phone and its appearance. It is assumed that the phone is going to have a triple camera. The leak also gives information about the appearance of phone color. This phone gives a metallic luster because of nanoscale holography process, plus a double layer coating which makes phone classy and appealing.

The Xiaomi is giving a tough fight to Samsung by launching on the same date of Samsung Galaxy S10 series launch.

Xiaomi Mi 9

The new launch has Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. This time Xiaomi promised to give their fans an excellent processor. As the fast charging phone are prevailing in the market, Xiaomi is rumored to come with 27W charging speed. This new launch is based on android pie 9.

About the camera feature, it is predicted that this new Xiaomi launch has three cameras at the rear end making it already special and unique. The first camera is of 48 megapixels, offering a photo lover a phone of their kind. The second camera of the phone is also promising to offer a 12-megapixel camera. While third camera is ToF 3D sensor.

The interesting thing about Xiaomi they always put an effort into their phone to make their product extraordinary and likable. They took care of their people’s need and requirement and try to offer them the best. Xiaomi from the very first launch removes the storage barrier in the phone. The sources revealed that this new launch of Xiaomi has more memory than MI 9. However, it is not confirmed yet because the information is not revealed by official sources. And the thing which makes it more confusing is that it can be either RAM or storage.

The best thing about Xiaomi is they keep their product price in the range of average people. The products are quite affordable and cheap basically for everyone. One of the main reasons for Xiaomi ruling the market is their price. Although this new launch has quite a high price from expectation. But it is believed by the sources they will do justice with the price by offering a worth of money product. The price range of Xiaomi MI 9 Explorer edition is to lie between the range of Rs 36,900 to Rs 52,600. However, yet not confirms what the price is going to be.

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