Did You Noticed This Bizarre Glaring Flaw in $2,000 Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung Galaxy Fold Bizarre Flaw

Technology is so vast these days, that every second-day new invention hit the market. The idea of making everything so easy, classy and unique has taken all over the market. The cell phone is a primary source that connected a user to the technology. Every second user wants their phone to look fabulous. Nowadays notch screen is on demand or we can say that the screen which is up to edges. Started by Apple with iPhone X, every other brand including Samsung, Google, Xiaomi, LG, etc followed this new edge display pattern.

Samsung breaking this league had done something strange with their Samsung Galaxy Fold, their first ever Foldable smartphone after being in leaks since past 8 years. This phone is already talk of the town because of their foldable displays, but the thing which is further gathering people attention is ‘All-Glass Screen’ which people found very strange.

On Wednesday Samsung revealed its foldable phone. It works as both Smartphone and tablet. The price range of the product is $2000 and it will be available in the market on April 26. Check: Meet Samsung Galaxy Fold (Foldable Phone) with 6 Cameras, 12GB RAM and Dual Display

Samsung has something new and unique in its bag to offer their customer, Foldable phones are something extraordinary and new to distract from a standard. But the thing which people found bizarre about the product is their screen. As people these days preferring edge screen, the appearance of Foldable phone is quite disturbing.

However the phone is designed with the purpose of working as a cell phone and foldable tablet both, but its primary motive is to be as a phone. The screen of foldable is limited to 4.6 inches, putting their future buyers in a doubt. The front screen of the foldable screen is quite small. Other than this, two giant black bars on the top and bottom of the screen is also not appealing from the customer point of view.

Galaxy Fold Front Screen
Image Credit: Businessinsider.in

This is not the case with other Foldable phones available in the market such as Huawei Mate X or Royole FlexPai and even Xiaomi’s phone. They offer the complete fullscreen display even after folding the device. Asking Samsung about those huge gaps, there were no particular technical reasons given by the company so far. Although there is no doubt that the phone is different and unique from regular phone available in the market.

The phone picks for one who wants to try something new and extraordinary, the one who is tired of the standard already available in the market. Also, the price of the product is much more than what the customer is expecting.

The makers yet not released any official statement about the screen design. The screen is something which makes phone classy and Samsung had done something bizarre with it to be in the race. However, there is a certain time for the phone to hit the market. The results of the phone will be on customers hand whether they will like it or not. Makers try their best to impress the millennial. But it will be quite clear after the launch of the phone.

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