Windows Lite: Everything You Must Know About this Lightweight Version of Microsoft Windows

Windows Lite

As the technology is changing rapidly, everybody wants to be on the top. The IT Giant Microsoft working hard to top the list. Recently, its been in the air that Microsoft is working on it’s new windows operating system. This time the operating system is in progress exclusively for low end PCs and Foldable devices.

The new operating system will be called Windows Lite. Here is everything you need to know about Microsoft new OS called Windows 10 Lite.

According to the artifacts of the Verge, it is believed that the new operating system contains a Composable shell also known as C Shell and Windows Core OS. Right now, we are having two different shells for mobile and desktops screens. But with C shell coming our way, all the devices will run on the same adaptive shell. These two combinations provide Windows more advance features than the version the world has already received.

Windows Lite will be compatible with dual screen laptops and foldable displays. Presently, we have HOLOLENS 2 Mixed reality Headset that uses this shell.

As the name suggest, the New Windows lite will have similar appearance just like earlier windows version but it will have limited features. This will be the lightest version of Windows Operating system the world has seen yet. It will be able to run the Windows exclusive apps and also the PWA which are progressive web apps. This is exclusively designed to give tough competition to Google’s Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

Chrome OS

There are many guesses for codenames of the Windows lite and two among them are “Centaurus” and “Pegasus”. The interface chances which has been experimented by Microsoft are recently mocked by various known developers. The Windows Lite version is initially might be launched for dual-screen laptops but later on the OS will also be extended to low-end PCs as per the information by Verge. The Windows Lite might include Qualcomm CPUs which is known for its long battery life which goes beyond 20 hours and Snapdragon. Not only this, the interface of the new windows will also be magnum and immensely user friendly.

Its been predicted that Microsoft will launch its foldable phone soon, following the footsteps of other smartphone companies. Maybe this year in the end, we get to see Microsoft’s new foldable phone. Furthermore, its also in rumors that the new phone will runs on Window 10 Lite. Let’s see what Microsoft holds for us in future.

If we go into the details of Foldable screen, then technically both foldable screens and dual screens are very different. Andromeda is the Microsoft’s new smartphone.

At the “Build 2019 Developer conference”, Microsoft might unveil its Windows 10 Lite. The conference also highlights Microsoft’s other services such as Azure Cloud, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

The Windows 10 lite will be the in the market as soon as vendors working with Microsoft wraps up their work. As of now, we got no official announcement regarding when the Windows Lite will be available to the users. But surely, Windows 10 Lite is coming soon!

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