Stop Using These Apps or Your WhatsApp Account will be Deactivated Soon

Banned WhatsApp Account

Facebook is getting quite strict about security and privacy on WhatsApp these days. For being complaint to various user and platform concerns, WhatsApp is asking its users to not to use any third-party application such as WhatsApp Plus and GB wallpaper. Its been quite a time now when WhatsApp is urging its millions of users to not to use third-party clones.

Finally, Facebook has officially issued warning that users those who don’t follow the advice rolled will get their WhatsApp accounts blocked. And further they have to reinstall the official application. The users are advised to save their history if they are using app other than WhatsApp.

According to the interview given to Indian Express, one of the representatives of the company said that the company is very much concerned about the safety of its users. And to protect the WhatsApp accounts the information is provided to the users. Users are requested to adhere to the guidelines provided in order to prevent their private data from leak.

If you are receiving these messages stating that your application is “temporarily blocked” that surely you are having the unsupported version of application. Those of you who are unaware about the state should validate their security checks. These unofficial apps are not secure to use as they tamper with the security terms and conditions of the original app.

The company has also started temporarily blocking the users account which are using third party apps and in fact the company has also told that the apps which have non-compliant chat history will also be deleted. A guideline has been shared by Whatsapp stating the steps to switch from unofficial app to official Whatsapp application and restore the chat.

Here’s How to switch from unofficial app to official Whatsapp app:

  • Once the temporary ban is removed, user should backup their chats from the unofficial app by going to the Whatsapp application. Further click on the “Option” and from there direct yourself to “Chats and Backup”.
  • Further just go to setting and then you have to look for storage and then select the file and the selected files would be GB Whatsapp folder.
  • Rename the selected GB Whatsapp folder as Whatsapp.
  • Further, download the official Whatsapp application from google play store.
  • Install the app, provide the various details and permissions asked for.
  • Verify the phone number by filling the OTP.
  • And select “Restore Chat “option when the prompt for the same appears on your screen.
  • Hence all your chats will reappear on the screen.

So, the steps shared above are for the users which are using GB Whatsapp. Now I will share the details for Whatsapp Plus users:

  • Download the application from Play Store and then install the application
  • Provide the information asked during the installation.
  • Verify the contact number by providing the OTP.

Prior to performing all these steps remember to remove the unofficial apps from the phone in order to remove any conflict occur during the issue.

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