Oppo Foldable Phone with Pop-up Camera and Bezel-less Display

Oppo Foldable Phone Picture

Oppo foldable phones will not be released by the expected date. But the images that are going around of the foldable handsets has the mass already looking forward to it. The device bends on the outside, like Huawei MateX and Royale FlexPai. This strategy makes it possible to provide a screen when the phone is folded unlike, Samsung Galaxy Fold that folds on the inside and hence, would require a screen on the outside to use without having to unfold the whole 7.3-ich display.

It is not similar to MateX in just the fold of the display but also has a wedge-like side bar/ handle on one side which has all the ports, power button and cameras. The screen is, however, bigger than MateX. It is an 8-inch ‘FullView’ screen with 8:7.1 aspect ratio.

The feature that stands out the most in Oppo is the pop-up camera shown in the images. It accommodates two cameras with a flash. The camera can be used in different ways depending on whether the screen is folded or open. When the device is folded, the camera can be used as selfie camera but when it is unfolded, it can be used as a normal dual camera. This pop-up feature gives the advantage of an edge-to-edge display allowing you to use the live view mode.

Teased Oppo Foldable Phone

The details are coming from the patents which include the design and the build of the device. There could be changes in the model, but one thing for sure is the fold of the screen. Oppo’s foldable device does not have a notch compared to Samsung Galaxy Fold which has a broad design notch. The notch can prove to be disturbing for the users and hence, Oppo’s design gains the advantage over Galaxy Fold.

The company, however, does not wish to release the device anytime soon because, the Vice-President of the company, Brian Shen says that the foldable devices do not offer many improvements to the customers. Which is why, the company has not yet started the mass-production of the device! The company has a good chance of releasing it under reasonable prices since; the Huawei MateX prices are not very conducive to the customers.

As we wait for the foldable handset to hit the market, there are other Oppo handsets ready to be launched this year. Oppo AX7 being one with an affordable budget. Another smartphone that is being worked on is a 10X optical zoom lens device, which was showcased at the Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.

The trailer demonstrated the zoom function of the device. Oppo F11 is yet another handset that comes with a 16-megapixel pop-up selfie camera and dual camera on the back with 48 + 5 megapixels. It is powered by Mediatek P70 processor with 6GB RAM and 4,000 mAh batteries and 18W fast charging. The company has some great designs underway and we are just looking forward for them to take over the market.

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