Your WhatsApp Account Banned? Here’s How to Re-Activate it Without Loosing Chats

Banned WhatsApp Account

Recently the news about WhatsApp is surfacing all over the internet. Whatsapp took some strict decision about their user’s security on the widely used messaging platform. The company already started taking action against users who are using a third-party application such as WhatsApp Plus, YOWhatsApp, BSE WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp by banning their account. So it is quite clear that this news about company policy is not a joke.

Most of the users asked about the reason for banning the account. Whatsapp further released an official statement for their action by saying that these modified versions of an application are developed by third source or party. So it’s not in the company’s hand to look for security of users. Many of these applications violate the official terms and conditions of the application. Lots of users are concern about their security and privacy, so banning of such account is better for everyone.

So if you received a pop-up message on your WhatsApp screen that ‘Your account is temporarily banned’ reasons might be you are using the unauthorized version of the application rather than official application.

Other than this user can also receive a message stating your number is banned on their WhatsApp screen. The message will further add contact support for help to provide guidance to their user.

However, they made sure the following account will not banned permanently, after all they have problem with the 3rd party app, not with you. So, you can retrieve your their account by following certain easy steps. This is a temporary ban to remove users from third-party access.

Here’s how to Re-activate Your banned WhatsApp accounts:

Before jumping on the procedure the very first thing users have to keep in their mind is to back up the chat of the device to restore it after the successful completion of the process.  Backing up the chat will make sure when your device is online on WhatsApp you will get the access of old chats.

There are different methods for a different third-party application we will help you one by one understanding the process.

For GB WhatsApp

  • The screen will show the time of banning of their account. Wait patiently for it to end.
  • After that go to more options, then on chats and then tap on back up the chats.
  • Jump to phone setting, then tap on storage and then further tap on files.
  • Search for the GB WhatsApp folder and then tap and hold on it.
  • You will see the More option on the upper right corner, rename the folder to Whatsapp.
  • Go to play store and download the official application
  • Install the application and verify the number
  • You will notice the backup screen tap on the restore button and further tap on next
  • After some processing, WhatsApp will open with your old chats.

For WhatsApp Plus

The process for this is little easier than the prior one, you only have to back up the chats jump to the play store download the application and start using it.

Other App users

If you are using a different version different from above and you tried the above methods and it’s still not working then go for official websites and looks for a solution there.



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