How to Use Touchpad Gestures on Windows 10 to Work Faster

Windows 10 Gestures

To all the windows 10 users out there!!

We are so much habitual to the touch screen technology. Therefore, we want all are gadgets to work with a single touch. I assume, you already know about the single-finger tap and multitouch gestures, there are many others that you may have not tried yet.

If you don’t know yet, while some of the gestures only work for the “precision touchpads”, some of them might work on your Windows 10 PC too. So, even if you don’t own a Precision Touchpad, there are some of the Touchpad Gestures you should know about and find out which gestures work for your device.

In this article, I’m going to tell you bunch of touchpad gestures for your Windows 10 system. Note that, your device may or may not support each and every gesture. There can be some additional gestures too.

Obviously your first task will be to check whether or not your laptop has a “Precision Touchpad”. Here is how:
Go to Setting > Device > Touchpad

Now, try out the following Windows 10 Gestures:

1. TO SELECT AN ITEM: Tap one finger on the touchpad to select an item.

2. TO SCROLL: Slide two fingers on the touchpad horizontally or vertically to scroll up/down and sideways.

3. TO ZOOM IN/OUT: Pinch for zoom in and stretch for zoom out.

4. TO SHOW MORE COMMANDS: Tap your Touchpad with two fingers to show more commands. It is same as performing right click on the mouse.

5. TO VIEW ALL THE OPENED WINDOWS: Swipe away three fingers on touchpad to view all the windows that are opened.

6. TO VIEW THE DESKTOP: Swipe three fingers towards you to view the desktop.

7. FOR SWITCHING BETWEEN THE WINDOWS: Swipe three fingers left or right to switch between the open windows.

8. TO OPEN CORTANA OR SEARCH: Tap three fingers on the touchpad to open cortana or search.

9. TO OPEN ACTION CENTRE: Tap four fingers on the touchpad to open the action centre.

10. TO SWITCH BETWEEN VIRTUAL DESKTOP: Swipe left or right four fingers on touchpad for switching between the virtual desktop.

These are the basic 10 touchpad Gestures for Windows 10. As I already mentioned above, some of these may not work for you if you don’t have a ‘Precision Touchpad’ and also your touchpad may have some additional gestures apart from these.

So, keep checking and try to find out which Gestures work for your Touchpad.

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