How to Protect Yourself From Harmful Radiations of Mobile Phones: 8 Important Tips

Mobile Radiations Protection Tips

The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has announced a list of mobile phones which emits highest and lowest radiations. You will be surprised to find out, two of most favorite and best seller phones are at the top of the list to emit highest level of harmful radiations.

If you haven’t guesses yet… the phones we are talking about here are Xiaomi and OnePlus smartphones. While the Xiaomi M1 A1 takes the first position for emitting 1.75W /kg SAR value, OnePlus 5T secured second position for emitting 1.68 w/kg SAR value. Know that, the average SAR value for a phone is 1.6 w/kg.

SAR is Specific Absorption Rate; it is the value of radiation absorbed by human body. Greater the SAR value, greater will be the amount of harmful radiations absorbed and hence, greater will be the harm. This is very shocking and is indeed a matter of concern.

Although, there is no particular evidence showing the adverse affect of mobile phone radiations on your body and is still an important subject to study. But, we need to be carefully and well aware of its serious health impacts.

Mobile phones for today’s world are as important as eating and drinking for living. Everyone is seen glued to their phones every now and then and there are obvious reasons for that, as the phone is very important unit and most of our work is done by using it.

We understand the fact that, it is nearly impossible to give up using phone completely, so, here we will discuss some ways by which you can protect yourself from these dangerous radiations.

In this article we have shared a few ways by which you can stay away from the adverse effects of these radiations. These are as follows:

Keep your phone away from yourself:

Although it is not possible to ditch your phone completely, but in order to keep yourself safe, keep your phone away from your body as far as possible. Build a habit of using your phone less.

Use headphones for calling:

If you are a person who talks for a lot on phones, then know that keeping phone near your body for longer time can have adverse effects on your brain.

So, try to use headphones for calling purpose and specifically wired headphones because the Bluetooth enabled headphones also emits radiation which are harmful too. Using headphones, your phone will be away from your body and hence will protect you from harmful radiations.

Use Airplane Mode:

We recommend using the Airplane plane very often. Always try to keep your phone on Airplane Mode when you are not using. This may sound weird but it is definitely a good way to control the amount of radiations emitted by phone.

Keep your Mobile phones in bags rather than pocket:

When you keep your mobile phone in your pocket, which most people do, it keeps in touch with your body which can harm you.  So, don’t carry your phone in your pocket.

Keep mobile away while sleeping:

Many people have a habit of using phones late night till they fall asleep. And also, people often check their phone as first thing in the morning; hence, they sleep with their phones. Well, you need to get rid of this habit and build a new habit of keeping your phone away while sleeping.

Use Anti-radiation phone cases:

We also keep our phone’s safety on top and to achieve that we use high-quality phone cases to protect our phone from any damage. But, we forget to think about our safety and health issues.

In case you don’t know, there are many Anti-radiation cases available nowadays. Their interior is made up of microfiber material which acts as a protective layer from radiations emitted by the phone. Hence, these cases serve two purposes, protect your phone as well as a safeguard from harmful radiations.

Another option for keeping yourself safe from your phone’s radiation is an attractive sticker that can be put on your phone. This way you can keep whatever phone case you have and still be protected. If you need to take your phone case off or need to change your phone’s case, you can still be protected with the EMF sticker from EMF Harmony.

Don’t use your phone in surroundings that reflect radiations:

Places like elevators, cars, the metro can reflect the radiations emitted by your phone making its effect more harmful. So, keep your phone on airplane mode instantly when in these surroundings.

Avoid using your phone in weaker signals:

When the signals are weak and you still try to use your phone, your phone emits even more radiations to catch signal strength. Hence, does more harm. So, either avoid that area or stop using your phone until signal gets better.

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