Google Pixel 4 And 4 XL Specs, Features, Picture And Everything Else You Need to Know

Google Pixel 4 Details_concept

There are so many rumors about Google’s next launch which will hopefully hit the market in coming October. The device already started grabbing user’s attention because it is called as Next generation Pixel Smartphone. Yes, we are talking about the upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL.

But the rumor that makes users worried is about the design and specification of a phone. The picture of the device is still a mystery from Google. They didn’t officially confirm anything about the phones. However, rumors about the same are spreading like a virus in the market. Within the past couple of months many leakers confirmed that they have a genuine and authentic source about the device which is putting weight on the side that this might be true.

Slashleaks and XDA developers have something amazing on their bags about the device too; they also contributed by dropping some news about Pixel 4 series on Monday. On the other hand, Slashleaks revealed some news in the starting of this month about the look of the device. They shared the pictures of Pixel 4 XL design, the picture clearly depicts that the device has Dual Camera setup, both at front and back.

The new launch is definitely going to be different from Pixel 3 XL, which is already tagged as most noticeable or disturbing notches on the device available these days. To overcome the last flaws, Google must make sure to opt an oval cutout for Pixel 4 XL. The selfie camera will supposedly place in the top left corner. The leaked image also gave the idea about the rear fingerprint sensor. In this particular, they might be dropping rear fingerprint sensor.

The news released by XDA developers last month about the Google Pixel 4 phone in which they predicted that the device will support standard SIM and E SIM card respectively. The most recent Pixel phones available in the market all have dual sim support, but the only flaw is only one sim work at a time. So users are hoping this to be cleared in their upcoming device. It would be better if both sim work at a once. This feature is quite similar to iPhone XS’s Dual Standby feature.

The XDA developers also pointed out that the Pixel 4 and 4 XL will run on Android Q which is not a big surprise. It is quite predictable for all users.

About the release of the device, Google had its pattern for release. If we deeply observe the last launches we will notice a pattern such as their first Pixel phone was launched in the October of 2016, whereas the Pixel 2 was launched in October of 2017. Breaking the trend Pixel 3 was launched in November of 2018 which is very close to October. So it is expected that the Pixel 4 will hit the ground in October of 2019.

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