5 Easy Ways to Find Out If Someone Snooped Into Your PC or Laptop

Snooping in Computer

We all are so much concerned about our privacy these days. It was suggested to us to be cautious with technology as sometimes it can be harmful. But even sometimes you find these excuses lame against a family member or close one. When it comes to family we all are little careless. So if you are same or doubt that somebody might have snooped in your device or you want to be very sure about it. This article is worth reading then.

Sometimes it happens that we left our devices at some place or maybe because of a busy schedule we sometimes forgot to lock it. So if you doubt like somebody secretly checked in your device, you can look after it. As it has been said, perfect crime doesn’t exist, there are the loopholes in everything, all you need wise eyes.

So there are ways to make sure that whether somebody looked upon your computer or not. Here’s how:

Visit Recent Activities

The very first and foremost thing is to check recent activities as it can give you a brief idea about the past activities happen in your computer. It is quite easy to look upon recent activities in the window, they made it simpler for the users.

All you have to do is visit Quick access on your computer. Just so you know to open the quick access go to the file explorer or you can click on This PC or by simply pressing Windows key + E. there on the top left of the menu icon, you will see the Quick access option. There you can see your recent activities.

Check Recently Modified Files

So it is quite easy to wipe the recent activities from quick access by just left clicking on Quick access then on an option and then clicking on Clear file explorer History. So if you wondering about those recent deleted activities that must be a green signal that your device got snooped.

But to know more sure about the folder they visited. Go to the File Explorer then type date modified. It will open all the files, just narrow down the time with your remembrance so you get the idea which files they might use it.

Check Your Browser History

Everybody on earth knows how to delete Browser history. But sometimes in rush people forgot to delete the browsing history which can give you a chance to track down the activities they had done with your computer.

To check the same click on setting on Google Chrome browser then go to history and there you can see all the recent activities.

Check Your Browser History

The good news about Windows 10 is that they keep the complete update of your check inn’s into the device.

All you have to do is open Event manager then under this go to the Windows log then on Security; there you will notice the long list of activities which is hard to understand. There you will notice some codes like login or Special logon. To understand this go to the action Menu then on Filter Current Logged, under this you have to open the logged section where you can get all the entries of you logged in to the device.

To Enable Login Auditing on Windows 10 Pro

All you have to do is go to Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > Audit Policy > Login Audits

How to Stop Others Using Your Computer

It is very hard to do all you can do is make your device more secured by keeping a strong password which is hard to crack. Make sure to lock your device if you leave and your work is still in progress.

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