6 Ways You Can Use Microsoft Office For Free

Office 365

Microsoft office is the most suitable and preferred application in the professional world. Nothing can beat its extraordinary feature, in spite of various alternatives available in the market. Microsoft office is still dominating the other application.

With its high popularity, it also requires high maintenance. The price of an official Microsoft office can literally empty your pocket. However, if they are charging you this much they are offering a product or kind or you can say that there is no compromise in Quality of product.

The latest office version, Office 2019 for Home & Business is available for $249. Some people can’t afford so here we came up with ways to freely enjoy office in your device, for this you have to go through the whole article.

Prefer Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft allows its office utilities to use online for free. Basically, this online office suite is Web version of same, which means you will need internet to use it. In the Office Online, you get access to the following Apps:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneNote
  • Sway
  • Mail
  • People
  • Calendar
  • OneDrive

But unfortunately, this free online version of office provides access to limited things. Such as the online version of a word does not allow access to word art, equations, charts and many more.  Basically, this version is not for professional like who has to write a company report. Similarly, in excel, it won’t give you access to use macros; you can simply use a basic spreadsheet.

Basically, Office Online will allow some basic text editing and other functions, but if you want to access the full version, license version available in the market for which you have to pay the cost.

Microsoft Office Mobile Applications

Microsoft Office Mobile

There is no big difference in Office Mobile as compared to the one available for desktop. The experience of operating it will be quite similar to the one you had already experience in Online mode. Editing and creating the document is simple and one can easily do but the only problem people will face in it is screen size. Sometimes it is a lot hectic to make things done on the phone because of the screen size.

However, some people find accessing Word document on phone quite easy but as soon as they switch on Excel, problem starts which is quite frustrating. That’s why people recommend operating excel on a bigger screen like a tablet


For Android 4.4 (KitKat) and onwards, there is a particular application given by Microsoft. Earlier for Android 4.3 or lower Microsoft used to offers the particular office application which later is not available for further use. Individual applications are available for Android 4.4 which is as follows:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • OneDrive
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • SharePoint


The iOS Office application was available in the market long before the launch of Android application. There is no successor version of this application like android. However, the iPad pro user has access to office 365 for creating and editing a document. Microsoft is trying to bring a lot more on its ios platform; the reason for this is android is flooded with alternatives.

Try the Office 365 Trial

Office 365

Office 2019 offers so many incredible things and recently they also made some changes in it. A lot of changes across suite are clearly visible so it is worth giving a try. And if you haven’t already signed up for it go for it. The good thing about it is it offers a free one month trial to users to feel the experience and afterward if you like it then purchases the license version.

The trial of office 365 came up with a lot of exciting side factors such as it will grant you full access of Microsoft Office 2019 suite. Other than this 1tb One Drive cloud storage will be an offered to all users and every month they will offer Skype credits for 60 minutes. However to take advantage of this entire offer you have to provide details of your PayPal, credit and debit account. The money will be deducted from your account after the trial period if you wish to opt for the services.

Office 365 ProPlus Trial

If you really wish to try your hands on office 365 pro plus, which can be your pick. Once when you have done with your office 365 free trial you can avail the services of it. In this too you get the one month trial period. This is a clever approach for accessing free trial period

Purchase Hardware With Office Bundled

Some of the laptops start coming with the best deal of office free subscription for a year. Most of the new Windows 10 laptop came up with access to Microsoft in their device. To continue using the Microsoft in your laptop you have to keep the subscription of Microsoft office.

An earlier laptop doesn’t come up with this free subscription.

Use Your Employer or School ID

All of the above features shown above came up with limitations; they didn’t give you full access to the Microsoft office. To avail a completely free version of Microsoft office 2019 or Microsoft office 365, you will have to use your student or employee card. Most of the companies or school uses a licensed version of Microsoft in their premises. So to avail this you have to provide the registration number.

For schools purpose, Microsoft offers free office 365 Education packages.

Basically accessing Microsoft office for free is nearly impossible and it is the basic need of every other person. So above all are the methods which one can prefer to access its free use. The free trial period for analyzing the Microsoft office is sufficient. If you really like the office you can purchase it and give it a try. Office online is another way of using office, however, it lacks in some extent with premium version but you can try it for simple editing and documenting. Hope you enjoy the free access of Microsoft office.

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