Samsung to Launch Galaxy Note 10 in Different Sizes, 5G and Four Variants

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Variants

Samsung’s 10th anniversary Flagships Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+ and Galaxy S10e has already made their mark in the smartphone market. Now is the time for their 10th Anniversary Note series. We have already read and saw so many rumors and leaks of the most awaited Galaxy Note 10 in past few weeks. Such as the latest rumour about Samsung to pair Galaxy Note 10 with four cameras, including one in depth sensor.

Now, this time we have came across another rumour for the next Note series flagship. But before reading further, keep in mind that the statements shared in this article are not official and based on the rumours and leak from various sources. So, keep reading and accept it while maintaining a degree of skepticism about the truth.

As per the ETNews, a South Korean Publication, Samsung may launch not less than four Galaxy Note 10 models with different sized screen and display and also different connectivity including 5G. The rumours also state the official announcement date to be 8th of August this year.

According to the report, not one or two but Samsung will bring four Note 10 models this year. Two of these models will come along with 5G support while the other two models will have 4G connectivity. Also, the two size variants of Galaxy Note 10 models will be of 6.75-inch display and a smaller one with 6.28-inch screen size.

If rumours are to be believed, then the larger variant i.e. 6.75-inch will come along with not one or two but four rear cameras and the smaller variant with screen size of 6.28-inch will come with three rear cameras. One more amazing thing we discovered is that a 6.4-inch variant will be equivalent to the Galaxy S10e with somewhat less specification and features.

If all of these rumours turn out to be true, this will be the smartest move taken by the tech giant to launch all of these models and variants in a single year.

We have only seen colour and storage options earlier, but this time it is different. It is the first time when Samsung offered variations in models itself and could be a smart tactic to compete against the growing companies like Xiaomi, which is leading the smartphone arena for now and providing variations like Lite, standard and Pro models.

However, it will be a big surprise if Samsung successfully manages to launch these models as per the rumours. Even if these rumours are nothing more than a hoax, then also we should take it as a healthy pinch of salt.

So, this was all about the rumours we came across. All we can do for now is to wait till the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 officially marks its existence in the market. We hope Samsung will not disappoint its users.

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