PUBG Mobile to Get Darkest Night Mode, Spectate Mode and More Features in 0.12.0 Update

PUBG Wallpaper 2

Recently the PUBG Mobile released its latest beta update 0.12.0. Now the stable update of the game is ready to hit the floor. As promised by the company this new update will be available in your device by the ends of this week. Tencent, the developers of the game, are already excited with their new launch and they are expecting a positive response from the users.

The newest update of the game carrying lots within it. The feature which is highlighted is different modes such as Darkest Night Mode, A Spectator Mode and Survive Till Dawn mode.

Let’s discuss all these features in details what you will notice in this new mode.

Darkest Night – This mode is much similar to Survive Till Dawn mode. In this mode players either can team up or play solo to survive this mode. The only difference in this mode that users will get 30 minutes of time duration to remain alive. So as you can sense you will sense a lot of tension in mode because every player you notice will be in competitive skin.

Survive Till Dawn 2.0 – As the name suggested you have to fight the zombies and remain alive in the game. You will notice new skins, weapons, and several new vehicles in the game. Other than this you will notice different zombies. The new mode will be available for a limited period of time. This new Survive till Dawn mode is gripping and will definitely give you some chills while playing.

Spectator Mode – This is a mode from you can gather a lot of guidance or in other modes it allows you to learn more about the game by observing different players and other team members. This feature will allow live observing of a game of your friends.

Crosshair Modifications –  This is a feature which allows you accuracy. You can adjust the red dot according to their need and the update will allow you to change its color too.

Most of the users wondering what changes this all-new feature will bring to a game. So to be precise the game will be more competitive with a thirst of winning the title. Players will definitely enjoy the chains of a new weapon, mode, vehicles. Above all the time duration will pass more energy to them.

It has been assumed that this new update will be available from 16 April on your device. It will be exciting to notice the reaction of users.

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