Sony PlayStation 5 to Offer 8K Resolution Gaming, Backward Compatibility, Faster Buffer and More

PlayStation 5

The war of next generation Console is clearly On, between Xbox One S All Digital Edition and PlayStation 5. Both have upgraded their consoles to an extreme level. Here we will see what Sony is going to offer us in their next and new PlayStation 5.

Earlier we heard so many PlayStation 5 rumors and leaks, but now so many confirmed details are revealed which we will talk here in this article. The details were revealed by Mark Cerny in an interview with Well, Cenry is a system architect working on Sony’s PlayStation division.

Recently Sony announced its Play station 5. After PS4, Mark Cerny the man behind the architect of Sony Next generation PS5 console. He officially announced the next launch which is going to be PS5 or Play Station 5.

The guy has cleared so many doubts about the next-gen PS5 console. Some of them are very exciting while some made us sad. One of which is, as Mark Cerny said, there is no chance PlayStation 5 will launch this year. We will not see PS5 in 2019. Well, that was really heart breaking. However, other details will take over this sadness.

He also confirmed that PlayStation 5 will offer 8K resolution gaming. All thanks to custom AMD Radeon Navi GPU integrated with the new console that adds ray tracing graphics too. 8K resolution is no doubt going to be very exciting but very hard too because you must find a Monitor Display that can support such resolution.

Apart from that, PlayStation 5 is also powered with 7nm Zen 2 fabrication processed 3rd Generation AMD Ryzen processor that adds significant boost in performance as well as efficiency.  Another very important upgrade in PlayStation 5 done is its all new high performance SSD. Yes, Sony has finally replaced the usual spinning Disc Hard Drive with all new faster SSD offering faster data transfers.

To show the difference of this new faster SSD integration in PS5, Mark Cerny also showed a Demo to Wired. It was Spiderman game in the demo was they noticed much improve load times, fast travel enabled, more lucid action animations and more. That is very much impressive.

We will come to the pricing and other details of PS5, but if you are wondering to buy PlayStation 5 and at the same time fear what happens to your PS4 game library, then don’t worry. Cerny also confirmed backward compatibility for PS5 which means you can play your PS4 games on PS5 too.

Now let’s put all those details at one place and see what PS5 is offering us:

  • PS5 will come with 8 Core AMD chipset along with third generation Ryzen architecture.
  • The GPU is from Radeon Navi family and it will also support the latest ray tracing feature
  • About the graphics, it has been revealed that console will support 8k graphics
  • The audio quality will be better than the previous one promised by the makers itself. It will use Dolby Atmos set up.
  • It will come with wireless VR headset
  • The new SSD is said to be 19 times faster as compared to existing drive. So clearly there would not be any issue regarding the loading or slow processing

PlayStation 5 Release Date

As Mark Cerny officially revealed in the interview, all the possibilities of PS5 rolling out in 2019 are canceled. The final release date is still not confirmed. It seems like we all have to wait until next official confirmation. According to rumors, it will hit the market somewhere in the mid of 2024.

PlayStation 5 Price

As of now, the price of this next-gen console is still not confirmed but it has been assured that the PS5 will be worth money. As per most of the resources, PlayStation 6 is assumed to be priced somewhere around $499 at launch. Since it is not official figure, there can be a slight difference at launch.

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