iPhone 11 Camera Details along with iOS 13 Features Revealed

iPhone 11

Though there is time in the release of iPhone 11 and iOS 13 but there are speculation all around. As every smartphone company is releasing their best, Apple doesn’t want to be left behind. The company will release its best phone, iPhone 11 and the all new iOS 13. We have here collected all the rumors and information that you might be hunting everywhere.

According to the reports of YouTube channel, EverythingApple and tipster, Max Weinbach, there are some of the very exciting feature that apple is going to display in the near future. According to the sources, iPhone 11 will be equipped with large OLED panels of size 5.8 inch and 6.8 inch. Sadly, the phone will have the notch intact to it.

Another thing to note here is that the Face Detection of iPhone is improved from its previous version. The phone will be able to detect the face from the larger distance as well from closely. The new iPhone will get the matte finish rather than the shiny stainless-steel side.

As far as camera is concerned, the iPhone 11 will be studded with three cameras – one regular, one telephoto and an ultra-wide-angle lens. Surely, three cameras at the back will increase the photo and video quality and as per Tim Cook, THIS WILL ALSO improve the Augmented reality feature in the iPhone. The speakers are also said to be of better quality. There will be stereo speakers embedded in iPhone 11.

iPhone 11 Camera

The battery life is also increased, and the phone might have reverse charging included in it where an iPhone user can charge another iPhone using the wireless charging just like Samsung and Huawei phones. In the last few years, the sale of iPhone has been considerably decreased; so Apple is leaving no stone unturned this time to be amongst the top in the market again.

Moving further to the specifications of iOS 13, it is been speculated that the new Operating System will have the dark mode theme as default and in fact the third-party applications will also be able to incorporate this feature into them. There have been numerous leaks that help us in making a better picture of iOS 13.

iOS 13 Features

The OS is designed in the manner that you do not have to move much of your fingers. Everything is within the reach of your thumb. There are some cards and new gestures introduced in this new OS to make things lot simpler and easier to use. The home screen can be customized by the user with the apps they use the more by placing their app tray in the home section. iOS 13 is enhanced with new volume UI, that’s make it more interesting.

iOS 13 is going to be launched on 3rd June on the other hand iPhone 11 is going to be released during the month of September this year. This will be exiting to watch how Apple will give stiff competition to its competitor and regain the market value that once it used to have.

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