Sony PS5 Performance Demo: A Video Showing PS5 vs PS4 Comparison

PlayStation 5

May be the E3 Conference that Sony launches every year is not going to be organized this year, but Sony has revealed some important details and demo about its next PlayStation Console in the Sony investor relation meeting. In the meeting, Sony talked about its very popular gaming console PlayStation 5. Excited? So am I.

The company during the meeting talked about the various features of PS5 which is said to be more improved version of its predecessors. The company demonstrated the device by playing Spider Man. The game which used to take eight seconds to load the game, PS5 will take just few seconds to load the game. There is a huge performance improvement coming your way with PS5 and this is due to the fact that replacing its hard drive storage with the Solid-state drive (SDD).

During your gaming session on PS4 you might have encountered those issues in which the dynamic maps doesn’t load faster when you move the player from one place to another. This scenario is also reduced in this version. The dynamic maps will load faster, and you will be able to reduce the latency issue. better slo-mos, fast travel, these are the results of using SDD.

Usually a lot of frame drop, and stutter has been seen in the PS4 gaming session but with the arrival of PS5, majority of such problems will be removed. The company has tweeted a one-minute video on twitter. The video is posted by Mochizuki which is titled as “Difference between PS4 and next gen pro play station”.

There is huge performance difference between both the gaming consoles. In the video, one could clearly see the high graphic performance and high resolution of the gaming console. The PS5 is studded with the latest processor, graphic engine and SSD. Sony PlayStation5 will include 8 core CPU and the GPU which will support Ray-Tracing graphics.

Surely with the increase in the performance of the gaming console, there will be increase in the buying cost of the device. The one biggest thing about PlayStation 5 is that it will be backward compatible which means that all the PS4 games can also be played on the PS5. Right now, there’s no pricing details given by the Company’s side but surely there would be a surge in price. The company is also releasing new games for the PlayStation 5 and is also hinting towards migrating to cloud gaming zone. The Company is even collaborating with Microsoft for better content giving stiff competition to its competitor such as Xbox.

The next generation playing console might include Blu-Ray drive and might come with the facility of downloading and streaming. Apart from this, the company is focusing on the offline gaming quality. The company is not planning to launch the game any soon. It will take around a year and until then PS4 will rule the market. As of now 98.6 million PS4 are sold in the market and the company will support PS4 for the next three years for sure. With this move of Sony, it is sure that the future of gaming is very bright.

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