Top 3 Tricks to Boost and Extend Your Wi-Fi Signal

Extend WiFi Signal

Facing wi-fi network issue frequently? Or your internet web pages and videos loading slower? If this is your situation presently then you must go through this guide which will help you boost and extend your WiFi signal.

The root cause of the issue can be following:

Sometimes you are in the “black spots” of your house and by black spots what I mean is that we have been beyond a certain distance from our Wi-Fi router and the signals are not able to come to the place where I am working. Maybe a wall, or some stone might be blocking the signals from coming. Majorly the range of the Wi-Fi router is the cause of this issue.

And there are a large number of solutions to this problem. You can apply any of the below solution to troubleshoot the issue.

  • One such solution is that you can change the location of the router to somewhere at the center of your house. If the Wi-Fi router is in center, then the signal would be easily accessibly all across the house.
  • If the above step is not working for you then surely there must be issue wit the router. You should purchase a new router, or you can buy a mesh Wi-Fi kit.
  • If the weak signal prevails even by putting the Wi-Fi router in the center, then you should buy a Wi-Fi extender.

Now further we will be disusing various use cases by which you can extend the signal of your Wi-Fi.

Case1: Boost Wi-fi signals upstairs

The first step guide is to set the wi-fi in the open place at the center of your house where there is not TV close to it. Otherwise the signals will collide. If your wi-fi has movable aerials, then aligned it parallel to ground. Placing the router in this manner will not collide the signal with ceiling or with the ground.

Case 2:  Boost Wi-Fi signal in the home

You can place your existing wi-fi in the center if your home and alternatively you can get a mesh Wi-Fi system. This is the network which is the collection if two or more routers. This will provide more coverage area. You can buy the mesh network router and connect it to the spare port of your existing wi-fi router. You can place another meshed router to another floor of your house and this will work superbly.

Case 3: Boost Wi-Fi signal to another building

Powerline adapters are used for this case as the adapters are very fast, they use powerful and involves cable in their setup. You can take them around anywhere in your house without the fear of performance loss.

You have to place one of the adapters at the power socket close to your router and then plug the adapter into the router and then plug the second adapter in the other building. Both the adapters will smoothly function until there is power cut. The advantage of this type of networking is that it provides fast speeds and versatile speeds.  They cost more than mesh network. You can also get the Wi-Fi extenders to boost their signals across the building.

So, these are the three cases which I thought is the best way to extend your Wi-fi signals.



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