How to Share Android Mobile Screen to Other Mobile

mimicr screen sharing

If you are a frequent user of Google Duo, then probably must be knowing how irritating app it was when it comes to sharing screen. And after several updates the app has finally removed the feature of sharing screen. God knows if they will bring the feature back or the app or it will remain without this option. But we are here to help you in sharing your android phone screen on the TV.

There are various apps that help you in doing and few among them are stated below. Let’s start.

This is a app by which you can share you phone’s screen on the desktop. This is for both desktop and mobile and is very easy to use. You can easily find this app on the play store and amazon. You can also buy the premium option if you want otherwise you can create the account and use the free version.

Once you have singed in the app you will get a personal link code that will initiate a meeting where you are asked for screenshare. If you allow, then your screen will be start sharing. To stop sharing click on the bottom and then you can stop it. Here you can also personalize your app experience. You can share your personalized URL for meetings which will make things easier. The default or free trial allow 100 participants in the meeting and with basic plan you can have 500 or more participants.

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This app will let you share your screen and allow you to call your friend/ person on contact list while sharing the screen. If comes with dual advantages and is recently added to the long list of screensharing apps. For calling purpose, you have to register your mobile number and then allow the app to access the contact list. You can use emojis here, you can switch the presenter and can also pause the ongoing screenshare.

Note that playing the video on screenshare with the audio on call is not simultaneously allowed right now in the app. Developer are working on adapting that feature in the app. The app is absolutely free, and you can download it from the Google Play Store.

mimicr screen sharing

Available on google play store. Another application for mobile and desktop which allow you to share the screen.  On desktop, it is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The basic aim of the app is to work collectively beyond the barriers of distance by sharing screen. This app doesn’t support the audio option.

There are many features available in the app. It has a centralized sharing and wireless management. Very easy to setup meeting and you can choose tons of option available in the app. The app also supports a premium feature. You can purchase it to leverage more features.  One advantage of getting premium feature is that you can increase the number of participants in the meeting. You can buy the subscription in $49/month subscription fee per room.

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So, these are the apps that you can enjoy very easily for sharing your screen. Keep reading!

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