How to Download and Install iOS 13 Beta on Your iPhone

iOS 13 Beta Download and Installation

Apple’s new iOS 13 Beta is released and many people are wondering about how to get this new feature packed OS on their iPhone. This is just Beta 1 while the official release will be available in September this year probably along with new iPhone, iPhone 11. However, if you have a paid Apple Developer account, you can get this Beta right away on your iPhone.

Unlike earlier, this time there won’t be any Over-the-air (OTA) beta updates with iOS 13 Beta. You will have to download and install it manually.

This is a guide for all those users who want to install iOS 13 Beta in their devices. Before jumping on the installation process you must know the cons of it. The version is highly unstable, can cause issues in your phone after installing. This is not an official version so there will be no permanent solution for it. You have to keep patience if you did face any issues in your device. Other than this, some of the application may not work properly. You can literally save yourself from all of these troubles by just waiting for the official launch.

If you are aware of the risks of Beta version, let’s find out how to download and install iOS 13 Beta on your iPhone.

The steps are divided into 3 important parts:

  • The very first thing we suggest you do is backup all your data before jumping on to the installation process. Backing up data is definitely very important in case of any loss. So make sure to checklist it as an important step in the installation process.
  • The second thing is to enroll yourself in an Apple developer program. By enrolling yourself only you will able to get your hands on iOS Beta version. This service by Apple is paid but it is worth the money. It will give early access to you of so many things. The price we know so far is $100. While registering an account, user will need Apple ID and some basic details.
  • After getting your developer account, go to the operating system tab and there look for iOS 13 beta. Then it will ask for installing process by offering you certain choices like macOS 10.15 beta, Xcode 11 beta, and iTunes. We would suggest you go with iTunes. Choose the device you are using from the list of iPhones. However, the older version is restricted from this update. Device older than iPhone SE and iPhone 6S are not available for iOS 13 Beta update.

This is all we know so far about the beta update. Help yourself with this guide if you haven’t it yet. And let us know if you need anymore help with the same.

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