How to Detect Hidden Cameras Using Your Smartphones

Hidden Camera Ditector Apps

People these days are so cautious about their safety and privacy that we see surveillance camera everywhere. Earlier it was quite difficult for users to afford a camera because of the price range and other things but now people are aware of technology and that’s why technology also becoming lenient towards people. Makers started to design camera of different resolution with a different price range so can users can afford it without any hesitation.

Every small and big business, even house owners have surveillance cameras nowadays at their place. I am sure placing the camera is for safety but sometimes the camera becomes a problem too. Some people use technology for wrong purposes. We have heard so many cases this far about how technology gets misused. How people using surveillance camera on spying someone. How they are keeping eyes on other’s stuff.

Above all changing room incidents can’t be unseen. We have seen so many cases where some bad guys put small hidden cameras in changing rooms, hotel rooms, etc.

Keeping all the things in mind, here in this article we are going to discuss how you can identify hidden camera through using your Android smartphones too. Basically, we are going to tell you how to be more cautious and preventive.

Hidden Camera Detector App:

This is the android application which uses smartphones magnetic sensor and an infrared sensor which is usually available in all the Smartphone. With the help of this, you can locate the hidden camera around you. Like any other sensing device, it starts making a sound if discover something suspicious.

Because of its positive results and accuracy this application is quite popular and have thousands of downloads. The suggestion we would like to give all the users who prefer this app is that if you’re suspicious about any place make the close contact of the device for more accuracy.

Those who are confused about how to identify camera by using this application let us tell you only to keep an eye on white light. If you found one it is a sign of something suspicious. Apart from all the perks, people are also facing flaws in this particular app. As far as we heard most people complain about the unnecessary sound when the sensor is near the metallic body. The solution for it keeps track on the magnetometer, keep it within a range to not get any false alarm. Download.

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Tiny SVR Came: Anti SVR Hidden Surveillance Finder:

This is the second best application for finding a hidden camera. It also works as your personal CCTV camera. It uses magnetometer and an infrared camera to detect the camera. You can easily detect hidden features through this application. This app is best suggested as a spy camera.

The problem with both these application is it starts beeping the moment it catches unusual situation. So it is better to disable these apps on your phone in public places because it might bring unnecessary attention towards you. Download.

Tiny SVR Came

This is all we know so far about the above two applications. Help yourself out by using it. It can be a serious help at the time of difficulty.

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