7 Best Features of iOS 13 You Are Going to Love on Your iPhones

iOS 13 Dark Mode

Apple iOS 13 will be available soon in Final phase. However, people are loving its first Beta. If you are an iPhone user, you can easily download it and try your hands on the new features of iOS 13. It’s been said the newest update that it will make the device more efficient and loving.

However, it will take a while for this update to be available on every phone. Another important thing about Apple iOS 13 is it will be available only for iPhone 6 and later devices. Talking about the iPad it will be available on iPad pros, the iPad Air 2 or later.

The word of advice is to back up your device before installing it, in case anything went wrong.Now let’s see the 7 top and loved features of this new Apple update, iOS 13.

Dark Mode:

iOS 13 Dark_Mode

The very first thing you will notice in iOS 13 is the most awaited Dark Mode. It will be available for the entire system and apps, including third-party application as well. But for this, you will have to wait a little longer. To activate Dark Mode all you have to do is go on device Settings > Display and Brightness, there you will see an option to activate Dark mode.

Quick Path Keyboard:

iOS 13 Keyboard

The second thing you will find interesting in iOS 13 is the new Keyboard which is pretty much improved, faster and easy to use. The attractive feature about this keyboard is swiping.

Make photos more beautiful:

Everybody in this particular generation loves photography and what’s better than getting a feature to make it more beautiful. The new update provides the feature to redesign a photo from scratch. They had done a lot of changes in that department. You will definitely love it.

All new Maps:

iOS 13 Maps

This time, Apple made some major changes in their Map. You will notice some cool features in it like the street level view of your destination. It will also do a lot of other stuff like help you in apartment hunting, finding parking garages, etc. It has been said by the makers that they will make it more interesting for users.

Health Updates:

Apple added a new feature to provide health update with a single tap. It keeps tracks on your fitness goals and keeps you updated about the activity. For women, this new feature will keep an eye on your menstrual cycle.

Privacy and security:

With iOS 13, Apple is paying more attention to privacy and security. You will surely notice that in the update. One of the security features is it will provide location access to a new application for a single time only. The second feature is the tracking feature forbidden from kids application. There’s a lot more.


In this particular, you will notice a lot of control over voice enhancement and control which is a cool feature.

These were the top 7 new features of iOS 13 you will surely love. Let us know about your experiences.

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