How to Remap MacOS Function Keys

MacOS Function Key Remapping

If you are the one who uses a Mac laptop and wants to remap the function keys, some of the function keys seem useless to you and you want it to reprogram then this is guide is for you.

Before jumping on the procedure let us understand what remapping is? Basically, it is reprogramming of keys. Some of the keys in our laptop might seem useless to us. So remapping helps us to switch them to useful task which is used by us more frequently.

First, let us understand the role of function keys in Mac. Basically, F1 and F2 keys are used to adjust the brightness of the screen. The F3 key is for control and an F4 key is to redirect to the launch pad. This goes on; every key is assigned to its particular function.

But if you want to change the functions of the key all you have to do is go to System preferences > Keyboard. To modify the function you have to use the printed symbol function.

We recommend you to install Function Flips to make few function keys as special keys. This is a third party application. After installing it, you have to look upon in system preferences; there you will see the function flips.

Now let’s learn the process of remapping. After setting the general function keys for their prescribed functions, it’s time to alter the remaining keys. To do this open System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts. From here you can assign shortcuts to keys.

Suppose if you want to use the F10 key as a Do not disturb then all you have to do is go to System Preferences then keyboard, under keyboard go to shortcuts, there you will find the mission controls. The list will appear. Checkbox the Turn Do not disturb ON/OFF.

That’s how you can remap the function keys. Next we are going to issues people face using functions keys. We will here discuss the required solution for it.

  • The very first problem users facing is the same key assign to multiple functions. By visiting the Shortcut option you can remap it.
  • If you want to assign a function key to launch an application then you have to visit system preference and do all of it by manually.
  • Better touch tool is always an option for users to take benefit of advanced features.

Basically, you can assign any function to these keys whether it is read aloud key, page refresh key, word count keys, etc. Function keys are basically to make the process much easier. So it is suggested to get the maximum out of it. Assign different functions which you mostly prefer to those functions keys.

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