Xiaomi launches Mi Band for fitness and sleep tracking for $13

Once again the Chinese brand Xiaomi have proved that it can make innovative devices within the low price, and now have come up with Mi Band. Mi Band was first unvield at the launch of Xiaomi Mi4. Mi band is a fitness band which have three led lights for notifications. It is made with Aluminium Surface and it is Micro Laser Perforated which lets this band sit perfectly over the wrist without giving you problems. Mi Band can be connected to the other smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 LE which saves battery. Currently only Xiaomi Mi3 and Xiaomi Mi4 is supported but in near future, devices with upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat which can enable the feature for connecting other Xiaomi phones.

But what does this simple looking band do? Well, it tracks your sleep and look at the fitness level off yours with the help of some sensors which this band comes with, notifies you for missed calls, messages, e-mails and with the led lights notification it can vibrate too. You can even set alarm on the phone and the Mi band will do the job of waking you up from the sleep with its vibrations. Theres a Companion App for the device which help you to track the data and share the data over social networking sites, and this app would also suggest you health advices. Mi Band also has a IP67 rating which means it is water resistance as well. Pairing the band with your smartphone is simple just connect it with Bluetooth. This band can even unlock your phone if its in a viable range.

Xiaomi Mi Band Photo

Last but not least, talking about the power means on which the Mi Band will be working on, is the rechargeable battery. Yes, Mi Band will be working on a 41mAh rechargeable battery which Xiaomi has promised a 30 Days standby time. Xiaomi Mi Band is expected to come with wide range of colors, as people prefer wearable in different colors to match their style or clothes. It is launched at the price of $13 which means approximately Indian Rs. 780. So guys lets wait for some time to get our hands on it.

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