Lock Your WhatsApp Chats With Fingerprints Doing This

Enabling Fingerprint Lock in WhatsApp Chats

Afraid of losing your privacy on Whatsapp?  If it is so then you must be happy to know that Whatsapp is rolling out a new feature using which you can lock your WhatsApp Chats using Fingerprint lock feature.

Isn’t it the most awaited WhatsApp feature?

Right now, it’s been known that the feature is only available for beta users. This means only users who are part of the beta developer program will be able to use this feature. If the update gets successful, then it will be rolled out for everyone in the world. The feature will be available for all Android and iOS phones. Apart from the finger lock option to protect the chat iPhone X has yet another feature where you can also use the Face ID detection feature, well that the inbuilt feature.

If you go and check the privacy feature, then you will find that its available in Touch ID and Face ID for the users, but the new update will have an additional option of the fingerprint.

Moving further, let’s discuss how we can use this feature on both iPhone and Android phones.

Enable Fingerprint Chat Lock on iPhone:

WhatsApp Chat Fingerprint Lock iPhone

Before performing any steps make sure you are using the Whatsapp with version 2.19.20.

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to settings.
  2. In the setting options, you have to go to “Privacy”. This setting is used to apply any kind of privacy on WhatsApp.
  3. In the privacy option when you will find the option “Screen Lock”. You have to turn it on.
  4. Whatever authentication method you are using will be enabled as a screen lock. For example, if you are using Touch ID as your lock method then it will be activated for WhatsApp and if Face detection then faces detection will be enabled for WhatsApp.

Enable Fingerprint Chat Lock on Android:

WhatsApp Chat Fingerprint Lock Android

Before performing the steps given below check that you are using Whatsapp with version 2.19.221. or more.

  1. Open your WhatsApp app. Then you have to navigate towards its settings.
  2. Now in the “Settings” choose the “Account” option.
  3. Next, you have to choose “Fingerprint Lock”.
  4. You have to enable it. You will be given a prompt to ask if you are sure you want to activate the fingerprint option?
  5. Then you will have to set your fingerprint to enable the fingerprint lock. And you are down.

As we all know that WhatsApp rolled this feature of encrypting the WhatsApp chat end to end. So now its time to add another layer of security to the WhatsApp chat. While you have this feature, you don’t have to use any third-party app to protect your WhatsApp chat. There is an added advantage for iPhone users as it will integrate the Touch ID and Face detection feature with the authentication method. The fingerprint lock feature is currently into development if all works fine then it will be available worldwide.

If you also want to try this feature, then you can check your beta version of WhatsApp. You can do that by going into settings and then help and finally click “App Info”. And if you are not using the app with the version stated in this article then you have to upgrade your app to the latest version.

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