How to turn Galaxy Note 10’s punch hole camera cutout into a Battery Indicator

note-10-punch hole camera battery indicator

Are you looking for an option to hide the Punch-hole shaped camera of your Galaxy Note 10? There are many people using their creative heads to invent something that will either hide the punch hole camera or it could be used for something soothing. Earlier wallpapers were made that hides your camera and give a classy look to your phone. But if it is not that soothes you then we have a piece of news for you.

Recently an app has been introduced in the market named Energy Ring. The app is developed by IJP and made for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+, and the 10E. The app is now ready to use for the Galaxy Note 10 and Note Plus users also.

One of the greatest features of this app is it utilizes the punch hole camera as a battery indicator. And it covers the camera in such as manner with the battery indicator that you will never realize that the camera is present.

The app will cover your punch-hole camera with the battery ring. The numbers of rings present around the camera will indicate the battery levels. The app is completely customizable. You can change the settings according to your wish and can use it.

Once you have installed the app from the Play Store on your phone you can change colors, you can change the look of the rings, directions of the rings, even their thickness. You can also put animations around the camera in these rings. When you are watching any video in full-screen mode, then you can also disable the rings. The app uses a very small battery and is very optimized for all the phones mentioned above. Even the CPU Utilization of the app is very negligible so it will not create any inconvenience.

Right now, the developers are testing some of the updates in the beta version also. Which will be soon released for other users also. The app is a great way to hide your camera without using any extra accessory.

The added advantage is that you can disable it wherever you wish to. For example, you are watching some movie, then the rings surrounding the camera might look distracting. And you don’t like it then you turn it off. The app is very customizable and very interactive interface. it’s both functional and visual.

IJP developers are also trying to develop Energy Bar for quite a while now. The energy bar will be displayed on the top of your screen which will indicate the percentage of battery. But the idea of an energy app is far better than Energy Bars.

Right now, it’s been reported that the left edge corner circle is left incomplete and there are some alignment issues in the rings. The development team is working on the same to make sure that the rings have perfect alignment.


As far as we have received the information about the Ring battery indicator app, it seems to be quite fascinating and optimized in terms of battery life and CPU usage. There are few things that need to be addressed from the development side other than that it is perfect to use.

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