The Power of Cloud-based Transport Management Systems

Transport management systems (TMS) are a key component to any logistics operation involved with stock management and product deliveries. If a company is operating without a sophisticated TMS and logistics software in place, to ensure streamlined procedures, such as invoicing, scanning, navigation, warehouse, and transport data, they run the risk of losing business to their more technologically advanced competitors.

Current trends suggest that embracing cloud-based TMS as opposed to more traditional, paper-based systems is the way to move forward in the increasingly digitized logistics business. In this article, we will discuss the ways cloud-based TMS processes helps businesses to improve their operations.

Lower Costs


By employing a cloud-based TMS you are able to significantly cost save, as processes become less dependent on manpower and more dependent on technology, the demands on staff become less, giving your employees the chance to grow in their position and worry less about time-consuming data entry that the software can handle. Often you will find that many logistics software companies offer a free trial of their applications, which is certainly worth a shot for any supply chain business looking to embrace a new TMS.

Cloud-based TMS for everyone

It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large, cloud-based Transport Management Systems are ideal for any logistics operation. Cloud-based logistics software operator, CartonCloud states, “With faster delivery times, greater transparency, automated invoices, and the ease and convenience of electronic proof of deliveries, you’ll be able to do more with your time and unlock your business’s potential.”

No more Manual Calculations


A well-designed TMS will allow you to enter your rate calculations once with them system automatically keeping them up to date thereafter. With key logistics software in place, you can forget the headache of having to manually input rate calculations every time new data arrives.

Electronic Proof

If you’re running a logistics business you will be well aware that POD’s can get lost in a sea of information. A solid TMS will allow you to use electronic proof of delivery feature, allowing your drivers to record times, damaged goods and back everything up with images stored safely on the cloud, giving operators and customers a more reliable, transparent system.

Mobile Barcode Scanning


There are numerous benefits for an integrated cloud-based barcode scanning system, but most importantly it allows operators to accurately pick and pack the right products from the right place at the right time. Ideally, you will find a suitable TMS that has this type of feature as it allows for greater accuracy inside and outside of the warehouse.

Address Book Features

Once upon a time addresses used to be scribbled down on a piece of paper for drivers to find on an old-school map. Nowadays it’s key to embrace Address Strings, which allows drivers to automatically link a client’s address data to their system, so you always end up in the right place without the worry of human error.

CartonCloud states, “We understand your challenges as we’ve been there and taken a money-losing logistics company to a streamlined profit-making powerhouse.” From lower costs, less calculations and great features such as electronic proof of delivery and barcode scanning what isn’t there to like about a streamlined Transport Management System?

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