Data Rescuing: What To Do When Your Data Is Gone?

Do you remember the scene in S*x & City when Carrie Bradshaw loses all her data because she has no backup? Yes, this is a very well known situation for most of us.

Did it happen to you?

Each of us has lost data once or at least knows someone who had such experience. There are many unknowns in the IT industry, but one thing is certain – your disk will fail. Maybe sooner, maybe later – but it will fail. It usually happens at the most inconvenient time – just when you intended to back up.

Very little is known about the process of retrieval. In some professional circles, it is said to be a very expensive and sensitive process, and the result is often uncertain. However, there are professionals in whose hands the impossible becomes possible.

Maybe you just deleted the file?


When you delete a file, you must know it is not permanently deleted. This file still exists on your computer even if you delete it from the Recycle Bin. This option allows you to recover the file if you accidentally delete it. But if you are not careful, it also gives other users the ability to recover your files even if you do not want them to be recovered. This is especially true when you sell, give, or misuse your computer.

What If The Accident Occurs When The Hard Drive Crashes?

The moment your hard drive crashes, the best thing to do is to stop turning it on. If a strange sound is heard from the disc when it is switched on, it’s probably mechanical damage to the head or motor assembly. The hard drive’s head floats on the airbag at a very short distance from the panels, and any non-standard sound poses a great risk to data-carrying boards.

Is It Better If No Sound Is Heard?


It varies on a case-by-case basis, and disk by disk option. But, it’s a generally better version, since in most cases it is available by replacing electronics and adequate reconstruction of the unique data that each electronics carries. In addition to electronics, engine failures can also give the same indication – the absence of any sound except for a brief one at the time of power-up.

What if the disc is mechanically damaged?

When the disc is damaged mechanically, it is necessary to replace the defective parts with new ones. The process of changing heads and motors is very sensitive. Each disc opening is done in a controlled atmosphere, in a so-called – clean places.

The process of replacing heads or motors is very important. The elements are located in less than a millimetre from the panels. Therefore, any improper operation in such a small space can lead to damage and eventually, loss of important information. The replacement should take place without any contact with other elements, as each contact damages the data to a greater extent.

For safe replacement of heads, professionals use specialized rescue tools. Similar and sometimes the same tools are used by many government agencies for which data security is a business. Such tools are not available to us, and we do not know how to work with them. It is, therefore, necessary to consult experts.

Expert Recovery


A large percentage of users have encountered data loss from their hard drives, mobile phones, USB flash, SSD, etc. Most of these issues you won’t be able to handle on your own. Therefore, the best solution is to hire a reputable data recovery company. Data Sector uses the latest rescue tools and techniques to provide its customers with the fastest and most secure service. The largest number is saved from hard drives. That’s why you need hard drive recovery.

This is a process of recovering from damaged media. It can be done partially or completely, depending on the type of failure and the degree of damage to the media where the important information is located. Despite the continued increase in the reliability of computer hardware and storage media, the digital loss is still a common occurrence. Data salvage is inevitable in cases where it is impossible to access it in the usual way.

Restoring USB data and memory cards

It is also possible to save data from a USB memory card. Everything that applies to hard drives applies to USB cards as well. It is happening that all information from a USB flash memory card is suddenly lost or it becomes invisible. This is due to the very sensitive electronics of the USB memory, but also the negligence of users who connect USB sticks to the computer inappropriately. A large number of viruses and malware can also erase it from a USB stick.

Laptop recovery


Laptop recovery involves the complete or partial backup of data stored on the hard disk. The success in rescuing information from a laptop hard drive can be very high. However, the advice is that you should never attempt to remove the hard disk or open it yourself. If your hard drive has become invisible or you cannot access it from Windows, it shouldn’t be checked by any program before saving what’s possible. Use the help of professionals who will keep your information secured and try to recover or repair your hard drive.

Seeking For Professional Help

As we said before, recovery is a process that primarily requires expertise in the field of technology. You should not try to save it by yourself unless you are skilled and trained in it. If you are trying to solve the problem of saving it from your computer, you may create an even bigger problem and thus lose even more data, irreversibly, which you certainly would not want.

So even if you are one of those people who may have experience with data recovery and understand the very principle and process of that endeavour, we advise you to outsource the help of professionals. The reason is that people who deal with it professionally, besides the necessary knowledge, also have the right tools to properly approach the problem and solve it.

This way you can save the data that is important to you, have insight into it and its importance and select only the most important ones. The recovery process can be a very complex and long process, depending on the type and severity of the failure. However, professionals will manage to help you with repairing your HDD and saving your precious information.

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