The Free Tool for Transferring iPhone Files that Can Use as A Replacement for iTunes

Apple’s iCloud is equipped with a storage capacity where you can store photos, videos, contacts and many other data. But we know that videos take up a lot of space and you only have 5 GB of space available. If you don’t spend money increasing your capacity, you need to save a copy of your videos on your computer. Transferring videos from iPhone to PC can be done with an Apple cable and a proprietary application such as iTunes. However, what if you don’t have the USB cable with you or it doesn’t work properly?

Don’t worry, with AirTrans, the feature of an iPhone transfer software IOTransfer, you can transfer videos from iPhone to computer without cables. Yes! There is a transport method that makes the process very simple.

Why IOTransfer?

Since WWDC 2017 Apple has presented Files, an iOS 11 app that will work as a file manager for iOS devices, although in principle its use will be directed to the iPad and it is not clear if it will also be available for the iPhone. Anyone who is a user of the apple phone and comes from Android will know that one of the main problems you face with the smartphone is its restrictions when sharing. No, it is not easy to transport files from one place to another.

As we know, images are the most important of any trip or past moment. Thanks to them, we can appreciate those moments even after a long time just by looking at these photographs. A picture is worth a thousand words and everyone loves to capture memorable moments throughout their lives.

But sometimes we find that during the taking of these snapshots our phone runs out of space and that is very annoying. And so do videos we recorded at many meaningful moments. So, transferring these photos and videos and more iPhone files to computer for preservation is a good idea. Well, how to make it easier?

In the following text, we would like to analyze software that we have encountered after doing some tests and research and that provides some light in this regard. IOTransfer is a free iPhone transfer tool with which you can easily transport photos, videos, contacts and more files from your device to your PC.

Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer with IOTransfer

When comes to transport photos from iPhone to computer, this application gives you direct access and gives you a very intuitive visualization of them. The software gives your PC or Mac permission to access the image gallery of your iPhone, iPad or iPod and allows you to choose different forms of display, choosing between large, medium and small icons, along with the details of the date and the size.

With the help of IOTransfer 4 you can do without iTunes and pass the tons of selfies you have taken and other photos from your personal computer to your iOS gadgets and vice versa. It is one of the fastest ways to transport iPhone images. Photos can be stored as a backup as well.

After trying it, we can safely say that this software will make your life easier if you are using an iOS device and have trouble moving your Windows files to the smartphone or from your iPhone iPad to your computer.

Another advantage of the software we appreciate is how useful it is if you face memory problems or you run out of space. With the help of this tool, you can easily free memory on your phone or tablet and remove all those unwanted snapshots at once.

With one click you can make room to save new photos. Another thing that IOTransfer will help you with is to protect your privacy and prevent data leaks effectively.

Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer with IOTransfer

IOTransfer offers an easier way to transfer data between iPhone and PC when comparing with iTunes. This is a professional and practical mobile device manager that you can use on the web. With it, users can manage and transport videos, movies, and other data between your iPhones and computers.

Another advantage of IOTransfer is that with it you can transfer videos without the need for a USB cable, easy with the fact that your videos are 100% secure, even if they are sent over the air.

Tip: Keep in mind that for a PC-iPhone connection, both must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

More Advantages of IOTransfer

  • AirTran’s wireless transfer function helps transfer data over the air
  • Full-featured iPhone/iPod/iPad manager
  • Multi-lingual support, including 14 languages now
  • Junks cleaning tool, deeply scan your device and remove junk files in one click
  • Online video downloader with a free converter, supports downloading from 100+ sites
  • Has support for importing and exporting Audiobooks from iBooks
  • Can import files by drag and drop method
  • Has support for importing and exporting iOS Contacts in TXT & CSV formats
  • iCloud photo manager provides a place to handy manage your iCloud photos, videos
  • Instagram photo and video downloader
  • GIF maker enables you to make animated GIFs with images or videos easily and quickly
  • Similar photo cleaner comes you detect and clean similar photos that you captured of a single moment

Price and Biggest IOTransfer 4 Pro Discount

The pricing of this software is very good. It is not expensive like all other iPhone managers for PC. The price starts at $26.99/Year. It also has a lifetime license. If you want to buy the lifetime subscription, the discounted price for Christmas is just $29.99 for 3 PCs.


For all these reasons, we recommend the application. With programs like this, transferring files from iPhone to your computer is easier, and transferring files between iPhone and computer without a USB cable is also possible.

At your fingertips and with just a few clicks, moving videos to your PC has never been so simple and secure. Plus, you can use this program to transfer other iOS files, such as photos, music, documents, and contacts from one device to another.

What’s more, you can use it to download and convert massive online videos from YouTube, Instagram, and more 100+ sites. Last but not least, there are more free features worth exploring.

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