Home Decoration: The Style of the Door and Windows Defines Your Decoration

When comes to home decoration, many homeowners are very careful in choosing floors, accessories, lights and all kind of objects to give their space a great look, but in the other hand, they don’t pay much attention in what kind of door or window are they using. In this post, we will give you tips to look after the best options for both!

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How to choose your interior door?

It is curious how we bring so much attention at doors and windows, but they have the true potential of giving your home a completely new life, the wrong door or window can ruin your decorating scheme, while the perfect one will complement and enhance it. There is a lot of variety in the market, however, it is essential to define which is the ideal one for your home, comparing in specialized places such as puertas-euro-block.com.

Interior doors are very functional in many ways. They are used to divide rooms, provide privacy, buffering the noise. There are many different styles to choose from. When selecting interior doors for your home, it is not necessary to choose the same one for every room in your home but you should select those that follow a general color, pattern, or style to ensure cohesion throughout your home. While most interior doors are painted white, using color or natural wood colors can add sophistication and dramatic impact. Those, in which material is refereed, are mostly made of wood, glass metal or MDF, the styles are uncountable and here are the most common:

Sliding doors

They have always been the most effective solution when it comes to saving space. This is the best solution to gain space and to have a door in an area where it would be very uncomfortable to install it.

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Barn Doors

Those are sliding doors that can be installed anywhere. Historically, they have been used as exterior sliding doors to enter and exit a barn. They never get old fashioned and can be combined with any type of decoration. Manufactured from premium, direct solid wood from sustainable forests, they are fully customizable.

Panel Doors

The panel itself can be glass, mirrored, fabric, painted for contrast, or made of virtually any material of your choosing. They can be plain or embellished, different shapes and sizes, and laid out in dozens of formats.

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Folding doors

They can make your home more spacious, no matter which is the size of your home. The folding doors are made up of several pieces that fold together to form a kind of accordion, thus achieving better use of space. You can find custom ones in different styles and different materials!

When choosing windows

Having a home flooded with natural light is a dream for anyone. For this, make the most of the interiors with large windows.

Design the window according to the orientation and the weather

If the window is facing south, make it large and take advantage of direct sun, which will become a free source of heat in hot weather, add awnings and blinds. In the north, on the other hand, it is convenient that the holes are smaller.

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Do a study of the facade

Think about the typology of the house-isolated, between party walls, on the ground floor, block of flats – and its style. If your house is in a multi-story block and you cannot alter the size or open new holes in the façade, perfect the opening systems and profiles – you will gain in insulation. You can also change the glass or choose a double-sided system so that the original appearance is not altered on the outside, but inside you have the finish you want.

Choose the brightest location

To get brighter interiors, put the windows on the opposite or angled walls, so you will have different qualities of light and cross ventilation.

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Give priority to designing vertical Windows

The taller than the wider shape is the option that captures the most light and the one that will be best adapted to load-bearing walls.

Think the proportion in relation to the facade

The proportion must be studied on the façade, but also in relation to the interior wall canvas, at the height and depth of the environment.

Opt for a manageable opening system

A window with an inadequate opening system becomes a problem.

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Both for doors and for sales, the colors have specific functionality. There is no rule that says which color to choose. We just like it and combine it with the environment.

For example, white will make the house look brighter, lighter, and more modern. On the other hand, yellow is a very vital, warm color with an enormous presence. By painting the doors yellow, we can add a great injection of color and vitality to space, covering very little surface: that of the door. Blue or dark gray works very well for interiors where a more sober, elegant, and adult aesthetic is sought.

A tip: if you are preparing to paint the hall doors, and they are very close since it is a narrow hall, it may saturate so much color and create a bad feeling. This occurs with both yellow and any other color except white.

So, if you have a very small hallway and several doors in it, the advice is to paint the face of the doors that faces the hallway in white, and the other side of the doors, the one that faces the different rooms, the color you want.

We have made clear the importance of choosing correctly the doors and windows when designing your home. The lighting, the atmosphere, the warmth depend on these factors. Dare to beautify your home and choose the best option for your family!

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