5 Reasons to Choose a Portable Swimming Pool for Your Backyard in 2024

Hot summer days are coming and you’re considering whether to invest in a swimming pool and make your little ones happy. However, time is short and somehow these concrete built-in constructions seem to be too expensive and unnecessarily complicated. But, well, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on an idea. There are much cheaper and simpler solutions such as portable smaller pools. Choosing the material and the location where you want to place this personal little oasis of peace is your only obligation. This alternative solution is used by many, and if you’re still in doubt and don’t know what would suit you most, we’ll show you the advantages of this alternative. You’ll spare yourself a house and backyard full of workers and building material as no special skills are needed to provide yourself with this enjoyment.

The portable version now allows you to have it easily installed in your backyard – what we want to emphasize is that this is no longer a luxury that only the wealthiest can afford. They can be a very economical solution but they can also save the available space, regardless of the shape of the yard.

Stay on the page and see why the portable version is much better for you than the built-in one.

1. Affordable

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The first advantage is that every citizen with an average or minimum salary can afford it. If you opted for a concrete structure, the manufacturing process itself would be very expensive, starting from the materials to the entire team of workers you have to pay for. This procedure represents a large cost that goes up to $75.000, and you’ll agree that rarely does anyone consider it a cheap investment.

On the other hand, fiberglass constructions are far cheaper. They require less construction work, but there’s still a certain installation procedure that increases costs. Since one of its smaller parts is still buried in the ground, that prevents you from moving it.

In contrast, the transferable option is the cheapest solution you could get and you get so many accessible variations, which you can have a look at if you visit here as well as learn more about some other useful features of these. They’re located above the ground, which automatically saves money that you would give for installation.

In this case, the shape and design are determined at the factory, so you don’t have to spend a great deal of cash in order to make your wishes come true, as with concrete ones.

2. Easy to install

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When you can take things into your own hands and you don’t have to depend on someone else’s help, the feeling is great. You wouldn’t be able to build a traditional pool by yourself without professional help.

The process of digging, concreting, gluing tiles, and placing filtering and purification devices isn’t something that’s usually familiar to all of us. This further implies that you’ll have a yard full of builders for weeks and months and you can simply say goodbye to personal peace for a while.

All you need to install a mobile pool is a flat surface and a piece of flat board or plywood that you can use as a base. Connecting and setting up is easy and doesn’t require too much time. You can do it completely alone, without crowds and distractions. Fast and efficient. The equipment that comes as an integral part is also not complicated to use – you just need to pay attention to how often you need to clean it.

3. The most important advantage – portability

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If we already have the opportunity to invest in something, certainly, we don’t want to leave it if one day we decide to change our place of residence. We’ll want to continue to enjoy it if we have already spent a certain amount of money on it, right?

You might be thrilled with the fact that your yard looks lovely with the new pool, but if one day you want to sell the house, you have to be aware that the built-in pool, logically, needs to be sold as well. If you are sure that you want it only for yourself in the future, then a portable swimming pool will absolutely be enough.

On the other hand, it can also make it difficult for you to sell if the new owners don’t want that kind of responsibility.

Disassembling or inflating and placing it in the trunk of a car to take with you has never been easier. And when the colder season comes, you can simply dismantle it and leave it in a place hidden from the harsh weather conditions.

4. Child-friendly

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We are sure that you would like to share this pleasure with the youngest members of your family. This makes them the happiest, doesn’t it? Still, many of them are still learning to swim, and they can’t achieve that by throwing themselves into a scary, huge pool.

That’s why it’s necessary to provide them with the space they need for the first steps. As you’ll be able to read if you visit here, the good thing is that you can choose for a more shallow option in case you have toddlers or small kids. You can always insert rubber toys and balls that will simply delight them and you won’t ever need to worry that something bad might happen as long as you supervise them.

Thanks to its small dimensions, which include a small depth, it’s also suitable for beginner swimmers who like to have the ground under their feet. The construction is simple, but it will provide constant fun.

5. Health benefits

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In case you thought that you could experience adequate aqua therapy exclusively in spas, you were pretty wrong since you can definitely afford them in your own backyard. The benefits that swimming has for our health are well-known to everyone, so by installing a portable pool, you can provide yourself with regular training and avoid public pools.

Engaging in water fitness every day or at least a couple of times per week will improve your swimming skills without the need to leave your hood. And, not only does it act preventively against cardiovascular diseases, but also strengthens muscles and improves general fitness.


Now that it’s clearer to you what benefits this investment has for you and your health, it’ll be easier for you to decide to take this step. These reasons will save you a lot of money and time, you’ll be able to take it wherever you go and your children will be delighted because the adequate depth will allow them to play in the water all day long. If you aren’t a professional recreational swimmer, we’re sure that this portable option will satisfy all your needs.

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