What Are the Different Types of Windows?

There are different types of windows that we see in different houses. People opt for different window designs due to their construction design, home décor, and for other reasons. One of the essential factors for window designing is weather and wind direction of that area. Window designs have evolved a lot since the old time. Window companies in Oakville like windowscanada.com is a pioneer in making all sorts of windows for any residential and commercial space. They offer new and replacement window options for their clients, so if you need new windows.

They have been using an advanced kind of impact glass to build windows. Impact glasses ensure glass safety under harsh weather. If we talk about this topic, someones can open up and have two doors, they are known as operable. The other kind is a fixed window where one side of the glass can slide here and there, but it is pretty much fixed apart from that. Different window designs have different characteristics, and here in this article, we are going to discuss a little bit about these ones to get an idea about them. Have a detailed look:

1. Double-hung

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The most common type of window is double hung windows. These were pretty popular in mansions and all big houses back in the day. These windows allowed the warm air to go out through the upper sash and let the cool air come inside through the lower sash. Usually, the sashes are built to tilt on the inside, but it is mostly with the bottom sashes because it is easier to clean that way. The upper sashes are built to tilt on the outside to take out warm air around the ceiling. This type of window is ideal for the second story rather than on the first floor.

2. Single-hung

Source: atrium.com

Single-hung windows are like the double-hung ones in the formation, but there is a little difference. These don’t have upper sashes operable; they are fixed. The lower sashes are, however same and operable. The cleaning system of these ones is also easy.

3. Sliding

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One of the popular styles in this modern era is sliding windows. These ones are functional and easy to use, but cleaning them is a complicated task. They can be cleaned by using a blower. These ones are fixed, and only one side can move at a time. If we talk about the formation, there are 2 or 3 panels of window glass tucked in an aluminum frame put together to slide in their railing path while keeping one side open for ventilation. These window panels are mostly vertical.

4. Accent

Source: Simonton Windows

There are tinted glass windows that we see in big houses. These ones are fixed, non-operable, and don’t allow ventilation. They are mostly used for light and home décor. Construction companies hire window companies to design accent windows in square, rectangular, circular, or octagonal shapes for a particular house. The window companies make a noteworthy design that complements the home décor through artistic creation. Since no air is crossed through these visual windows, they don’t get dirty and can be cleaned through normal dusting.

5. Glass block

Source: Rocky Mountain Windows

Another old school window type is glass block windows. Different blocks of glass are put together through mortar. These blocks form a sealed glass that is fixed in a window frame. This thick glass window is break-resistant through sanding and grinding and ensure privacy. This one allows light to come inside but does not allow ventilation. But some window companies and construction engineers have made a built-in vent. It can be opened and closed like a tilted sash of a window in a double-hung window. Through this, ventilation is done in laundry rooms, and this window works as a dryer vent hose.

6. Basement hopper

Source: Champion Windows

For basements structures, traditional windows don’t work. For that, you need a different kind of window, and that is the basement hopper window. These ones are usually hinged from the bottom and open on the top side. These are placed on the top of the wall if we see from the inside of a basement but look like at the bottom of an exterior wall. This window allowed the airflow in the basement and considered an important aspect of basement construction.

7. Projection

Source: Bay World Manufacturing

Big bungalow or mansion has extended windows with special balconies. These ones are shaped in an arc and known as the projection windows. They are made outside of the exterior wall and have more than one angle and size, allowing you to have more space for the outside views. Although they have different sizes and angles, they are built to seem like one big window with different parts. Sometimes, only one or two of these are operable while the rest of them are stationary. These are also known as bay or bow windows.

8. Casement

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These big windows are placed together in a wall. They can be hinged left or right and open on the outside through an operable mechanism. They are easy to open and close. Provide clear views of outside. They offer quality airflow.

9. Awning

Source: xy2014.com

Another window type is awning windows. These ones are hinged on the top and open outward that allow the fresh air to come inside while maintaining the proper airflow in a standard room. These types can be installed along with any other kind of fixed ones.

10. Picture

Source: Brick Underground

A lot of apartments and other homes have picture windows. These are the stationary kind that is fixed and make up the whole wall. Window fit blinds are usually used as treatments for large windows to maintain privacy while still letting more light. These ones allow free views in big mansions, especially facing the swimming pool, fountain, or a garden in a house. These picture windows allow a comprehensive view of the outside, especially if you live in a penthouse apartment.

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