Men: 7 Secrets for Personal Excellence

If you like the idea of improving your life and achieving excellence in terms of style, looks, business success, fitness, and more, there’s some good news. It’s possible to up your game in every one of those areas, and you don’t need to turn your life upside down to do so. And the kicker is that you won’t have to fork over thousands of dollars, either. So, what’s the catch?

If there is one, it’s that for each of the seven areas of life improvement, you’ll have to put forth some amount of effort, dedication, or planning. But the truth is that there’s no real heavy lifting involved. Seeing personal excellence means many things. For some, it’s about having a sharp hairstyle that complements the face and body. For others, it means being in optimum health by following a balanced diet, having good-looking skin, landing the ideal job, building defined abdominal muscles, finding the perfect partner, or learning how to relax fully. Here are seven ways you can aim for your own measure of personal excellence. Choose the ones that are right for you, or aim for the stars by doing them all.

1. Massage Therapists

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If you’re tired of having a hunched-over look and feeling tense in your shoulders, neck, and upper arms, try the massage solution. There’s no secret here because people have been turning to relaxation massage therapy for hundreds of years to relieve body aches and tension. Try to find a therapist with reasonable prices, several years of experience, and who welcomes regular clients. Ask for a Swedish massage that focuses on your upper body but covers the lower half as well. What will you get if you receive a massage at least once per month? Most people report feeling much better and looking more alert. The big payoff is if your shoulders open up and you feel loose enough to walk more upright. It can take several months to see results, so stick with it.

2. Hair Stylists

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Before you decide how to get the hairstyle that complements your facial structure, age, and body type, assess your balding situation. If you’re lucky and have made it to your late twenties or early thirties with no discernible hair loss, count your blessings. If not, remember that you can get treatment for a balding crown or receding hairline from There are several ways to go about dealing with baldness, the most efficient one being medication. So, if you can find a pill a day strategy that gives you good results, go for it. After that, you’ll want to find a stylist who can make you look great.

Pro-tip for guys who want excellent cuts is to phone a few of the better women’s salons and try to locate a stylist who works on men and has more than a decade of experience in the business. You’ll pay more than if you went to a traditional barber, but the results will be worth the effort and the extra cost. Book an appointment and remember to ask the stylist to suggest a flattering cut. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always try a few different looks before deciding on one to keep for a while.

3. Facials

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Even in today’s busy unisex salons, few men come in for facials. Usually, the males who walk through the doors ask for either a massage or a manicure. But facials are gaining ground with guys who pay attention to skin health and overall appearance. If you doubt the effectiveness of the basic facial, ask any woman. You’ll soon discover that getting a facial every so often can make you look younger and happier. Try it once, and you’ll be hooked on the fantastic relaxation and results.

4. Personal Trainers

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Even if you don’t want six-pack abs, a personal trainer can do wonders for your physique and general fitness. Avoid the commissioned trainers who typically work inside health clubs. They often do nothing more than push products and extend memberships. Hire a freelance trainer who has a few years of experience and is not connected with a health club. Consider starting with a general fitness program to tone all the major muscle groups. Most trainers will agree to meet you at your home or in their own space. Ask about package deals, and you can reduce costs by about 30 percent.

5. Nutrition Consultants

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For the cost of a dinner or two at your favorite restaurant, you can hire a licensed nutritionist to analyze your diet and give you solid advice about how to consume healthier, more balanced meals. You can do the initial session and follow-ups online to cut costs. Be sure to make the effort count by adhering to the meal suggestions the consultant gives you. If you’re more intent on losing weight as a first step on the road to good health, let the nutrition pro know your goals. Remember to be honest about your eating habits and muster up an extra dose of will power for the slow approach to weight loss. Professional nutritionists can help you find ways to drop the pounds slowly and with less effort than you might expect.

6. Professional Matchmakers

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Forget those dating sites and hire a matchmaker. These professionals still exist and don’t charge as much as you think. Many work from massive databases and through personal contacts. Most will agree to set you up on a few blind dates in exchange for their initial fee. Be brutally honest during the interview, or you’ll just be cheating yourself out of a suitable match.

7. Resume Writers

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Want to snag your dream job? Hire a certified resume writer to create a new document or spruce up the one you already have. Whether you’re currently searching for a new position or just thinking about it, a crisp, up to date, a targeted resume can do wonders for your career trajectory. Only work with a certified pro and ask for several samples before committing to the fee. Most resume writers will do at least one revision if you’re not happy with the first version they create.

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