3 Car Freshening Hacks Everyone Needs to Know

Car owners tend to go out of their way to keep their vehicles clean and spotless. The hygiene of their car does not stop on a mere wash-down at the nearby carwash or gas station. This merely cleans the outside of the car, and although it may seem like the most obvious thing to clean, it is the inside that needs an equal amount of attention.

Cleaning the outside is more connected to looking good among the masses and appreciating your car. However, detailed car freshening and cleaning on the interior is what has an effect on the health of everyone driving or riding inside the car.

Most cars have that characteristic smell, unique to its own interior. You can almost imagine it just by thinking about being in it. Depending on the thing the owners use, there is a wide variety of air fresheners available on the markets. This is the most obvious way of neutralizing odors and smells from the cabin of a vehicle.

If you want to look for the right product for your car, head on over to Automobile Remedy. They have the best solutions for your car in one place, so check the link and get yourself the best car freshener based on what you need the most. Further in this article, we will go over some other, less conventional ways and hacks how to keep your car fresh at all times.

1. Scented Candles

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Scented candles come in all shapes and sizes, literally. Although their primary use if for the rooms inside of your homes, they are versatile and useful enough to be used anywhere. Some of them have such strong scents that they even work outside. Therefore, why not try one in your car? An important thing that needs to be noted here is that you do not actually need to light a scented candle inside of your car. This is both inconvenient and extremely dangerous. It is enough to poke holes in the packaging or the lid or remove the lid entirely if you want a stronger effect. Thanks to the heat in the car, especially in summer, the candle will melt inside its container just enough to release the amazing smell. There are dozens of flavors to choose from, so pick and choose the right one for your car based on your preferences. You can even have more candles, one in the front row and one in the back. Do not forget about the trunk either!

2. Baking Soda

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You have probably heard before that you can use baking soda to counter bad smells from your household. But how can you do this? Many people utilize the features of sodium bicarbonate to neutralize odors from their fridge. By simply pouring some of this chemical compound in a small container or dish and placing it in the fridge, they eliminate smells from the fridge keeping it fresh. NaHCO3 absorbs large amounts of odors and smells, making it an extremely effective ally when it comes to your car’s hygiene. Sprinkle some of it on the seats and carpets and get it in there with a brush. Allow it to sit inside the seats and over the leg area at least for a night. After this, simply vacuum it and wipe potential white marks it left. It is perfectly safe to use it like this and no harm will come to you or the car.

3. Coffee

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Is there a single person who does not like the smell of fresh coffee beans in the morning? It is capable of making us refreshed and ready for our day even without consuming them. Besides being the beverage that makes the world go round, coffee has many other useful features and benefits. Except for consuming it in drinks and desserts, we can use its base form inside of our vehicles to fight bad smells and odors. This simple hack does not require you to do anything special. Simply take a handful of coffee beans and place them into a small container. Place the container anywhere in your car and let the coffee do its work. Similar to baking soda, it will absorb some smells, but better yet, it will release its own scent. Since coffee beans wary, there are several distinctive smells you can try, mostly relating to the geographical origins of your beans. Even brewed coffee does the trick, but the scent will last shorter. Coffee lovers will appreciate this hack the most, and those experiencing trouble to stay awake early in the day.

Bonus Hacks

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Other household items and cleaning supplies are also useful for freshening the interior of your car. For example, you can make DIY non-toxic fresheners by pouring Gain Fireworks and Downy Unstoppables in small mason jars. Keep them in the cup holder and let them do the trick. If you like going old school, use branches, spices, teas, and herbs to make natural air fresheners. Tie your favorite mixture with a small piece of bandana cloth and place it in your car.

Essential oils and rice are also great. Rice is famous for absorbing water and humidity, while the oils easily release their scent in higher temperatures. In addition, fabric refreshers work great with upholsteries, fabric seats, and carpets. You can spray your car multiple times per week to keep it fresh. A neat trick is to spray your car’s AC units with your favorite fabric freshener. However, frequent washing of all these sections is also necessary, since none of these methods eliminate dirt and bacteria.

Closing Remarks

As you can see, air fresheners are hardly the only way to battle stiff air and odors from the inside of your vehicle. Other, more natural substances and products work as well, maybe even better, so if you do not want artificial smells, gels, and sprays, there is always something new to try. It might take you a second to explain to your friends why you keep that certain peculiar thing inside the car, but who cares! At least it is clean and it smells nice.

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