What Does Shaving Cream Do? Why You Should Use It

Let’ face it, there is no man in the world that enjoys the shaving process. In fact, we speak for all of the men in the world when we say that this is the most annoying thing man has to do. Due to a wide array of different types of beards, shaving is quite a struggle for most people. When you shave, you cut at least 25,000 hairs every time. This is a really high number, even for hairs, right? Your copper-wire like facial hair is hard to deal with, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.

When you shave, you have the risk of injuring your face. Some people need to be pretty careful during shaving due to possible birthmarks that potentially can be injured in the process. Also, there is the question of cutting the skin. Since razor is a pretty sharp thing, you need to be very careful not to injure yourself in the process. So, how do you shave without cutting any skin off? Well, the answer to that is shaving cream.

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Importance Of Shaving Cream

Nowadays, many people are taking part in dry shaving. This is a pretty complex process since you need to be very patient and careful while you do it. Thankfully, there are some things that you can actually use to prevent the scenario you don’t really need. One of the things you can use for the sake of prevention is shaving cream. There are many reasons you should use shaving cream.

One of the reasons why you should use shaving cream is so that you can protect your skin. While your beard may be wiry and tight, your skin, on the other hand, is supple and soft. By using shaving cream, it protects your skin from any redness, irritation, and itchiness. That’s just the top of our list. Without any doubt, this is the best possible prevention you can actually use to help yourself from having a hard time during shaving. Here are the reasons why you should use Shaving Cream.

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1. Hydrates Your Beard Hair

During a shave, shaving cream helps to keep the moisture and hydrate your beard hairs. This is probably the most effective prevention you can use to avoid dry shaving. This act leaves the tough and copper-wire facial hairs softer and makes shaving easier. This act makes for a more comfortable shave since you had to use less force than dry shaving. The less force you use, the less potential damage you can inflict on your skin.

Many experts, including Ron Robinson, a Cosmetic Chemist for BeautyStat, said that dry shaving could cause pain and irritation. The reason is that, without shaving cream, the rough surface causes hair to pull and tug on your skin. So, without any doubt, you need to use shaving cream in order to hydrate your facial hair before you actually shave it.

2. Skin Lubrication

Shaving cream helps lubricate your skin, a thin cover between the surface and the blade. The thin layer ensures less friction and minimizes the risk of irritation, razor burn, and redness. The layer of protection can also reduce cuts and provide smooth shaving. This is a pretty important thing. As we’ve already said, dry shaving can have a negative impact on your skin. So, skin lubrication before shaving is a perfect thing you can do to prevent yourself from a potential cutting of the skin.

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3. Keeps Track On Where You’re Shaving

Although it might not seem so important, shaving cream helps you keep track of where to shave. Compared to dry shaving, you can visually see which part is unshaved. Staying on track means having little to no missed spots. We truly feel like this is an underrated benefit of using shaving by using shaving cream.

4. It Leaves Your Skin Feeling Refreshed

Shaving cream, especially a high-quality shaving cream brand, is made up of ingredients that help relax the skin. Shaving can be quite an irritating process, so having shaving cream to loosen the irritation is very important. After rinsing your face, the shaving cream will leave your skin refreshed and soothed. You need to check all of the ingredients of the product before you actually buy it. The reason is, your skin can be allergic to some of the ingredients, which could lead to the possible irritation of the skin and other types of unwanted elements that you can stumble across.

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Tips For A Safer And Smoother Shave

Shaving isn’t as easy as it seems. It always seems like a hit or miss when it comes to shaving. But there are still some ways on how you can get a safer and smoother shave. Here, we are going to provide you with some tips that will actually help you.

  • Prep Your Face

Prep your face by wetting your face with warm water, or even better, shower first. When you prep your face, your hair will soften, making shaving more relaxed and smoother. It doesn’t hurt to exfoliate your skin as well. Thankfully, there are a plethora of different products you can actually use to prepare your face for the shaving process. If you do it right, you will not face any problems, that’s for certain.

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  • Choose The Right Shaving Cream Brand

Having a high-quality shaving cream brand changes your whole shaving experience. TheApricots got a list of quality shaving creams you can check. When it comes to quality shaving cream, those with natural ingredients and fewer chemicals are better. Avoid synthetic chemicals which are used in some brands because it’s cheaper and easier to make. These chemicals will dehydrate your skin and reduce its natural oils, causing your skin to flake, producing a harder surface.

  • Buy A Shaving Brush

For those who want a clean-cut, buying a shaving brush is a great way to apply shaving cream quickly. It helps pat down the shaving cream, which means it will also mat down your hair follicles. You will have a much easier time applying the shaving cream to your skin. At the same time, you will do it with the utmost precision, which is always a plus, right?

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  • Use a Good Razor

Buy a high-quality razor that is appropriately balanced and weighted. Having a razor that is not well-balanced can, in fact, lead to some cuttings and injuries in the process. Your shave depends on the quality of your razor. If you have a dull blade, the more likely you’re going to get cut. Razors should glide across your face with ease. Keep your razor-sharp.

  • Do Small Amounts

When using shaving cream, start small because a little goes a long way. In a circular motion, lather shaving cream on your face and cover the places you want to shave. Take your time doing this to be extra precise on where you’re shaving. It is not recommended for you to use a high amount of shaving cream. It’s not that it will have some negative effects on your skin. It’s just pain wasting that nobody needs.

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  • Chin Up

Always know which direction you’re shaving. Make sure to shave in the opposite direction where your hair grows. Keep your chin up to have more visibility, which will help you to be much more precise during the process. That way, you will prevent potential injuries. Don’t make a mistake, some of these injuries can be a really serious one.

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