Fresh Crew Cut Ideas to Embrace Stylishness & Practicality In 2024

The crew cut is one of those haircuts that every man has tried at least once in his life. And the thing is that more and more modern gents are asking their barbers to get this cut again. While practicality has always been in demand, the classic haircut has something more for men to offer — stylishness and versatility.

Now that the variety of modern options of the haircut is taking over the men’s fashion, one can’t go wrong discovering the latest selection of ideas on the crew cut have prepared for this year. It’s time for you to check out the most impressive ways to pull it off and learn why you need this cut in your life!

Why Is It Called Crew Cut?

The haircut has split into so many different variations that it’s hard to guess its origin by its appearance. Originally, this haircut had a uniform structure and was worn by Yale, Cornell, Princeton, and Harvard students. The name would stand for university crew teams, where the members’ hair had to be moderate and comfortable.

Apart from its sport-related background, the crew haircut was also a part of military officers looks for its restrained appearance and low-maintenance nature.

In today’s world, the cut has become more diverse so men with different lifestyles and hair types can wear it. Now, it comes in a vast variety of cutting and styling choices. And that’s the first and foremost reason why the simple classic cut is back on the horse.

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Will I Look Good with a Crew Cut?

That’s a good question because the good news is that this haircut looks good on everyone. Even though it’s pretty simple in terms of structure, it’s actually is a great playground for style experiments. Since it has shortly-leveled sides that graduate to a mid-length top, it means that you can customize them in any way you please, thus making it fit your face shape, hair type, and unique personality.

From various fades and textured finishes to hard parts, disconnected tops, and colors, the once universal haircut can go unique if you want to. You can spice it up with a play of shades or even get a shaved design if you want to show off your bright character through the simplicity of the crew haircut. Or, you can add individuality to this simple look with a creative approach to details like parting, fade, and texture.

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Modern Ways to Rock a Crew Cut

To tell you the truth, the ways to pull off a crew haircut today are endless. Since this cut is a canvas for creativity, every man can give life to its unique version. However, there are some options that have already gone viral in the fashion industry, and we’re pleased to share them with you for your next barbershop session.

Crew fade + Shaved Designs

Shaving designs on simple cuts are the latest obsession of modern trendsetters, as they allow to let the creativity run wild while still having a haircut that is easy to maintain and style. A design, as well as a fade, is optional; they’re rather details that add more character to the look.

French Crop + Spikes

The amazing layered texture of French crops has turned out to look extremely fresh and hip with the classic crew. Add some spikes with no-shine pomade, and you will take the decent-boy haircut to the next level.

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Crew Cut + Hard Part

Your crew cut can become sophisticated, clean, and polished if you pair it with a distinctive hard part and finish the look with a soft brushed texture on top.

High and Tight + Fade

The high and tight is a military-inspired option that works well for men who appreciate simplicity and masculinity in their purest. A fade, of course, is a must to add a touch of modernity.

Mid-length Messy Crew

Even though a crew haircut is not so long to play around with disheveled waves, you still can give it a messy feel by getting it layered and styling it with lightweight texturizing pomade.

Crew Cut + Soft Fringe

When the top is slightly elongated, the crew haircut gives an effect of fringe, which is a perfect option for men with broad foreheads. Plus, it gives a fresh take at the classic crew.

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How to Style a Crew Cut: The Best Products to Consider

Even if you have a short haircut, there are still whole lotta styling options, as stated by Since you mostly play with the texture on top, the more products you have in your styling arsenal, the more diverse your routine will be. Here, we’re breaking down the classic picks for short hair, telling you which ones work best for popular short hairstyles so you know what to look for in the men’s hair aisle.


For short hair, waxes provide a decent hold when applied to the roots, which is a nice pick for men who have cowlicks, stubborn hair, or simply want to keep the hair in place throughout the day. Also, it’s a nice finish for short to medium haircuts. However, make sure that you only run some product through the ends with your fingers. Otherwise, the hair may have an unpleasant extra shine, even if you go with semi-shine items.


There’s nothing like pomades when it comes to the classy slicked-back hair looks, as they give the needed shine while making the hair feel and look pretty relaxed. Make sure you’re not going too much with the product, as this one is a highly shiny kind, and you may end up with a greasy hair look eventually.

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Giving light hold and light shine, creams work well for effortlessly flowing natural looks. They don’t give much control over unruly strands, but they still tame the hair so it flows in one direction. If you don’t like to have much product on your hair and want to have a more touchable finish, that’s your guy for casual wear.


As one of the most flexible products for men’s haircuts, pastes can give your crew cut anything from medium hold and light shine to strong hold and medium shine, depending on the application. It’s a nice pick for everyone who styles his hair because it offers a variety of uses. If you apply it to your wet hair, you will make the hair more manageable, also providing a touchable finish. When applied dry, the product gives more definition, thus making the hair appear fuller.


Designed to make the mane as shiny and steady as possible, gels are big days’ picks. While the consistency is pretty flexible, it provides high hold and high shine, so you don’t want to either overuse it or go with this product for casual wear.

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If you happen to choose between clays and pomades, here’s what you should know. They have similar features in terms of application: you can work with them on dry and wet hair. But clays, unlike pomades, aren’t that reworkable. In other words, it’s better to opt for clays when you know that you’re not going to make any touchups on your crew cut throughout the day.

Some haircuts will never go out of style, and the crew cut is certainly one of them. Not only does it keep its wearers absolutely comfortable with their hair but it also gives the green light to creative experiments. Now that you know why men of now choose this cut like one, it’s time to think of your own crew look!

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