Mattress Buying Guide: Tips for Perfect Sleep

Finding the best mattress is particularly important when trying to get that perfect night’s sleep. This will be different for everyone based on their needs.  Someone that is heavier and has lower back problems will require a different type compared to someone that is thin and does not have back problems. The same mattress is not always the best for everyone.

There are many quality mattresses on the market that could be classified as the best but it hard to find one which suits you best. There are a variety of styles and types of pallets that are classified in different categories that will help many people get a perfect sleep.

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Tips for Perfect Sleep

  • Increase bright sunlight during the day
  • Avoid lengthy daytime naps
  • Try to wake up and go to sleep around the same time
  • Do not consume caffeine in the evenings
  • Avoid exposure of blue light such as a phone or laptop in the evening
  • Reduce light and noise in your bedroom
  • Get a new bed and bedding outfit for a more comfortable rest
  • Saatva Luxury Firm

Saatva is one of the best Hybrid types of mattresses. It offers quality comfort and a good night’s sleep for many people.

Cover – It has a cover that has been designed from 100% cotton with added foam. It has been quilted and offers a soft and breathable.  If offers immediate quality from the top.

Pillow Top – The pillow top is the next layer and has been designed with a layer of individually wrapped coils covered with a layer of gentle foam. With the individually wrapped coils, this offers some bounce to the bed and airflow thought the top section, helping to regulate the temperature. This design also helps to keep the sleeper on the top of the bed and not sink down into the bed.

Support Level – This level sits under the pillow top and has been designed with a row of steel coils. It is padded and offers foam edge support. This design offers a great lift to the sleeper, giving them a supportive and comfortable night’s rest.

This bed seems to be on the firm side of medium, which means that it is in the low level of hardness. It appears to be a great match for stomach and back sleepers or someone that is a combo sleeper. It seems to offer easy movement and with all the lift that it offers keeps the sleeper on top of the bed allowing them to change positions easily.


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The Nectar is one of the top Memory Foam mattresses. It allows you to sink down into the foam for a contouring feeling and works well for a variety of sleepers.

Cover – This cover has been created with a small amount of memory foam making it plush and comfy on the top of the mattress. This not only offers the sleeper immediate comfort and pressure relief for a restful night’s sleep.

Comfort – The comfort level has been created with memory foam infused with a gel. This design creates a slow pressure response, keeping the sleeper from sinking deeply into the bed but offering contoured support.

Transition – This layer is also designed from a layer of memory foam that has a slower response. The purpose of this layer is to help to gently lower the sleeper down onto the firmer base below, while it offers comfort and support.

Base – The base is created from a layer of a high-density polyfoam. This creates the shape and the support of the mattress.  This firmer layer of foam gives support to the softer layers of memory foam above it and allows the sleeper the support that they need to help with pressure relief in the hips and shoulder areas.

This top of the line memory foam also offers a quality motion or transfer that means that it should work great for someone that sleeps with a partner and can get up without being able to disturb the other sleeper. This bed might work for a combo sleeper for someone that sleeps on their back and side. For a straight back sleeper, it may be a bit too soft but should work well for a side sleeper. It offers quality support and pressure relief that is needed for most side sleepers.


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The Birch is one of the tops of the line natural latex categories. This bed has been designed from organic materials, making it popular in the go green categories also.

Cover – The cover is made from organic cotton and it has been quilted with wool fibers to make this cover flame retardant.  This cover offers a soft and breathable comfort for the sleeper whose sleeping on it.

Comfort – The comfort layer is made of wool. This creation has been designed to offer some sink to the sleeper.  The wool is also a breathable fabric that helps to wick away the moisture and helps with temperature regulation for a restful night’s sleep.

Pressure Relief – This next layer is designed from Talalay latex. This layer offers a slow response to pressure and helps the sleeper stay on top of the mattress. This layer also allows airflow to help to regulate the temperature for additional comfort.

Support – This layer has been created with steel springs that are pocketed to add that extra lift to the sleeper.  This layer also gives support to the upper layers allowing them to offer the pressure relief to the sleeper.

Base – The base level has been designed from wool batting. The purpose of this layer is for the coils to sit on and have a foundation for them to react.

This is an organic mattress that offers support and comfort to the sleeper. It has been said that the level of firmness on this mattress would be from a medium comfort to a firmer comfort for the sleeper. It appears to be a great mattress for a back sleeper and a stomach sleeper. The transfer motion of this bed appears to be able to be felt throughout the mattress.


Source: AllModern

This mattress has been designed by an array of various forms that all work together to form a comfortable and supportive mattress for a variety of sleepers. This is one of the tops of the line foam mattresses.

Cover – This cover has been created with a soft polyester blend allowing softness and comfort. It can be taken off the mattress and put back on because it is enclosed by a zipper for easy removal for cleaning.

Comfort – The upper layer has been created with an open-cell foam that offers a similar likeness to latex. This layer offers a natural cooling, bouncy, and responsiveness for the sleeper.

Contour – This layer has been made from memory foam. It offers a slower pressure but also offers somebody contouring and sinkage.

Transition – This transition layer has two different layers of two different types of polyfoam. One layer is a softer foam and allows the pressure relief at the shoulders while the other one is firmer and offers pressure relief at the hips.  This also helps to keep the hips lifted even with the shoulders allowing for proper alignment.

Base – The base is made up of a heavy-duty poly foam that creates the shape and the base of this mattress.  It offers support for the entire mattress and helps add firmness and support for the sleeper.

This mattress seems to offer a comfort level in the medium level and has tested out to offer both comfort and support for many sleepers. This also seems like it would be a great mattress for back and combo sleepers, allowing them to turn over in the bed with ease. This combination of foam helps to add additional lumbar support for back sleepers.

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Many people have problems sleeping at times. There are many suggestions that can help some to overcome this situation. Making your room comfortable and eliminating light and noise will help to make your bedroom a more relaxing and comfortable room.

Always try to keep your bedroom straight and calming will also help. Having the perfect bed that fits your sleeping patterns and that offers you pressure relief will also make you more comfortable and be able to get a good night’s rest According to Orthomattrass, people who have different sleep positions will benefit from a different type of mattress. If a person is mainly a side sleeper a softer mattress will offer them more support and pressure relief and allows them to be more comfortable and rest more peacefully.

If you do not have the proper type of mattress and do not get the pressure relief that your body needs, you may wake up during the night in pain or when morning rolls around it may be hard to get out of bed because your body is stiff. Make sure to get a mattress that matches your sleep position and your body’s needs so that you can get a perfect night’s sleep.

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