Top 5 Charging Skills and Notes for Electric Vehicle Battery Pack in 2024

As lithium-ion battery packs for electric vehicles become more and more common in the market, many people do not understand the correct way to charge electric vehicle batteries well.

Lithium battery packs are now the first choice for electric vehicle, for example lithium batteries are lighter than normal lead-acid battery, and have better performance. -20 °C to 55 °C can charge and discharge, Cycle life is three to four times compared to lead-acid batteries for electric vehicles.

However, lithium battery pack requires good charging skills to maintain its comprehensive performance. According to the research from SmartPropel, I will bring you a look at the useful charging notes for the electric vehicle battery pack.

Charging Method for EV lithium battery pack

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We should apply appropriate methods to charge EV battery pack to ensure its long cycle life and make sure its safety usage anytime, anywhere. Charge the battery according to the standard time and procedure, even the first three times.

When the electric vehicle is running, a lithium battery pack appears with low battery tips, and should charge the lithium battery as soon as possible.

No special method is needed to activate the EV lithium battery, which will activate naturally while the electric vehicle is running.

The lithium battery is charged by a special charger. First, the output plug of the charger is inserted into the battery charging socket, and then the charger plug is inserted into the electric socket, start to charge.

When the charger indicator light turns green, then charge 1-2 hours or so, you can stop charging work.

Proper charging skills for electric vehicle battery pack

Batteries do not need to be “activated”

The lithium battery pack does not need to be recharged for more than 12 hours at the first three times, and the lithium battery has no memory. The battery can be charged as long as it is out of power or when you want to charge. When the EV battery still has 60% capacity, you can charge it without a doubt.

Battery charging

Use the charger that specified by the manufacturer. Pay attention to whether the charger model matches the battery model when charging. You should note that the battery pack should use chargers that designated by the battery manufacturer or charger parameter have been confirmed by the battery manufacturer. When the battery charger damaged, you should not use other chargers casually. Must choose a suitable charger for the battery pack, or may lead to potential risk.

Avoid hot charging

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Do not charge lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles at temperatures above 40ºC. High temperatures can degrade battery capacity. The charge temperature is 0 ºC -45 ºC. However, It is better to charge the temperature in the room temperature (25 ºC). In this situation, it is good to finish a full charge and also extend the battery pack cycle life.

Recharge your batteries

The lithium battery pack should carry out on-demand charging as far as possible, to avoid the battery under-voltage after recharging each time, which can greatly improve battery life. For example, it is better to recharge when the battery still has 90% capacity than when the battery has 10% capacity. Pls note, it is necessary to charge the battery before it is totally out of power.


If you do not use lithium-ion batteries for a long time, you should disconnect the batteries from the whole vehicle, and supplement some power to the battery at intervals to avoid battery self-discharge or battery over-discharge by the power of the protective board.

What should I pay attention to when charging the lithium battery pack of an Electric Vehicle?

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Supplemental power

The lithium battery pack in the factory before delivery usually have some power surplus, after the sale of electric vehicles can also enjoy a short distance running. After the first ride, the battery must be charged for the first time. It is suggested that the first charge should be carried out for a little longer. After use, the lithium battery pack should be charged timely. When the battery pack hasn’t been used for a long time, for example, 2 months, the lithium-ion battery pack needs a full charge.

Charger tips

To ensure the charging safety and the service life of the battery pack, a special charger should be used for a lithium battery. If the charger is missing or damaged, please find the appropriate distributor to buy. Pls, confirm with the battery manufacturer the charger key specification. If the charger charge current is too large, may cause damage to the battery pack and if the charge current is too small, it will cost too much time to fulfill a complete charge. it is better to use the charge designated by the lithium battery factory, to avoid any danger risk and maintain battery performance.

Meanwhile, Lead-acid chargers or other forms of chargers shall not be used for charging. Lithium battery special charger should be used during the charging process.

Do not change the charger casually, do not remove the speed limit of the controller

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Make sure to use the appropriate charger, and never modify the charger and adjust any parameter without permission. The charger of each manufacturer has an individuation requirement commonly, do not replace the charger when not sure. If the mileage requirement is longer, you must be equipped with multiple chargers for remote charging, using additional chargers to recharge during the day and the original chargers at night. Removing the speed limit on the controller will increase the speed of some cars, but in addition to reducing the safety of the car, it will also reduce the life of the battery.

Charge in time

After the battery discharge began the vulcanization process, after 12 hours, there was obvious vulcanization. If you don’t charge in time, these vulcanization crystals will accumulate and gradually form coarse crystals. Therefore, in addition to charging every day, you should also pay attention to charging as soon as possible after use, keep the lithium battery pack as full as possible.

Pay attention to the charging environment

The optimal ambient temperature for charging is 25 °C. Most chargers do not have an automatic control system for ambient temperature, so most chargers are designed for ambient temperature 25 °C, and charging at 25 °C is better.

Above is the electric vehicle lithium battery pack charging method and charging notes. With the maturity of lithium battery production technology, lithium battery pack electric vehicles will be more popular in the next 3 to 5 years. Appropriate charger and effective maintenance methods can let you enjoy a better and safer experience.

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