Factors to Consider While Buying Best Vitamix Blenders

Blenders can be found in every household for almost a hundred years. It is a kitchen appliance that, along with a toaster and coffee maker, is the most common and most used. With the trend of healthy living and healthy eating, it has further gained in popularity. Smoothies have become an integral part of most people’s diets. And the only way you can prepare them every day is to have a blender. You can also store many other things in it, because it has a wide application. However, the quality varies considerably among manufacturers. With the rise in popularity in the market, many new manufacturers have emerged, especially from the Far East. But their quality is questionable and you are never sure how long it will last you, especially if you blend very hard things like nuts. That is why Vitamix is ​​the right choice. Next year they will celebrate one hundred years of existence, they last so long due to the quality of their products. All of their models are exceptional, but today we will tell you what factors to consider when buying a Vitamix blender, because everyone has different needs, so you need to take all those factors into consideration before making a choice.

Type of food

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Vitamix products can work with any type of food, no matter how hard it is. But not every model is the same. So you need to know in advance what purpose you need it for. If you are opening a restaurant, you clearly need some of the strongest models, ready to work many hours a day and work with all kinds of food, including ice. These are large and stable models, with very strong motors and durable blades. But you don’t need it if you are going to use it at home to make smoothies and baby food. Then you need a smaller model, which doesn’t have as much power because you don’t need it. It is enough that it can blend soft things, like fruits and vegetables.


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The size also varies greatly, and your choice will again depend on your needs. The biggest difference is in the volume of the container. The volumes vary so much that you can find whatever you need. From huge ones where you can put a lot of ingredients, to small ones that can fit exactly one shake or smoothie. Small containers are usually designed to be drunk directly from them, which is great after a workout when you want to quickly drink your protein shake before showering. The more you use a blender, the bigger the container you need. Simple as that.

Engine power

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What engine power you need is dictated by the type of food you will blend in it, as we have already written. People are often inclined to buy a more powerful engine than they really need. They think that the engine can’t be too powerful, and that maybe they need it sometimes. Yet that is not proper thinking. It’s best to take medium power so you can use it for most things. Engine power usually varies between three categories. From 300, 500 and 700 and more watts. 300 watt models will successfully deal with the most things, but you can have problems with a large amount of nuts, for example. 500 watts is capable of grinding anything and turning it into a liquid state. Over 700 watts is only needed if you want to make your own butter from nuts and the like. Because no one else will be able to deal with it. If you don’t plan to make peanut butter and the like, then you don’t need a model of 700 or more watts, but two models from a weaker power range will be more than enough. If you have trouble finding which one has the right engine power for you, visit AliceCoopersTown.com and read the best Vitamix blender 2024 reviews

Container material

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They are most often made of plastic, glass and stainless steel. Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so we will present all three materials, so you can decide more easily.

Plastic: Most containers are made of plastic, as it is the most commonly used material, the cheapest and easiest to maintain. It’s also very light and you can’t break it easily. But there is more and more talk about how consuming food and water from plastic is not the healthiest choice. That is why glass is definitely a healthier option. But if you’re already buying a blend with a plastic container, make sure it’s BPA-free. This means that it does not contain the most harmful plastic compound, which negatively affects hormones and reproduction.

Glass: As we have already said, glass is the best option if your health is primary. It is also not as easy to scratch as plastic and can be washed very well. With glass, there is no risk that small pieces of food will remain in the cracks. However, it is much easier to break it than plastic. Just drop it once and you will have to buy a new one.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel will be used more and more often. It is an option that provides greater durability than glass, and is considered to be healthier than plastic. Very good choice and for that reason you will see more and more models of containers made of this material. The only drawback is it is not as transparent as glass and plastic. You won’t know if food is blended enough, but you’ll need to take the container off the blender and check.


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There are two types of controls on most Vitamix models. The first are the two-speed models. This means that there is only one speed at which it operates and the other is when it is off. These are C-series models, suitable for basic users who just want to make a smoothie quickly. Variable speed models where you can choose from several different speeds, depending on what you put inside. You can increase and decrease the speed during the process itself. 4 series of Vitamix blenders are available with variable speeds.


Now that you know all these factors that are most important for buying the ideal model for you, all you have to do is choose and take advantage of all the benefits that Vitamix products provide.

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