Why You Need to Claim Compensation After Traffic Collision

According to the World Health Organization, around 1.3 million people die from traffic collisions every year, making it the 8th leading cause of death globally. 20 to 50 million people suffer from non-fatal injuries from traffic collisions, which can be quite severe, such as disability. It’s important to understand that the odds of being in a traffic collision are much higher than you would think. Even if you are a great driver or a pedestrian who follows the rules, it doesn’t mean that you are shielded from others who may not. Getting to the core of the problem and reducing the rate of traffic collisions is important, but it’s a long uphill battle that many countries are already fighting. The only card that remains for you to play after getting into an accident is to claim compensation to be able to get back on track.

To help you understand the reasons that make claiming compensation quite important, we’ve created an overview of the compensation claim process.

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Fighting Stigma

There is no doubt that there is still some lingering stigma about compensation claims that have been propagated by some individuals and insurance companies. Many people think that personal injury claims are a get-rich-quick scheme or something that only money-grabbers would resort to. The truth is quite far from that shallow perspective. While some individuals will try to claim money that they know isn’t theirs, this accounts for a very small percentage that shouldn’t allow for any form of generalization. Fighting the negative impact of traffic collisions is a fight against time; trying to reverse the damages is all one can do after getting into an accident.

The injuries you sustain can vary easily; the most common reason is filing a personal injury claim for physical injury, but some long-term psychological damages can be taken into account as well.

Limited Time for a Claim

A problem that many people may not notice until it’s too late is that there is a timeframe where a compensation claim must be done within. The general rule is that you have about 3 years to make your claim. While it may seem like more than enough time, a compensation claim isn’t really an instantaneous process. This is why it’s highly recommended to seek the legal consultation of a professional personal injury lawyer to ensure that you’re acting within the right time.

As mentioned on sherrodandbernard.com, an experienced lawyer knows how to fight insurance companies that try to deny you the compensation you deserve. This is why it’s recommended to quickly seek legal help once you’ve suffered a traffic accident.

The 3-year rule doesn’t apply to victims who have suffered brain damage as a result of the accident; the countdown only begins once they have regained their mental capacity. Those who are under 18 are also exempted from the countdown until they reach 18 years old.

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Enduring Disabilities

The worst kinds of traffic accidents are those that leave your life in complete disarray. Becoming permanently disabled after getting injured in an accident can be a true nightmare. Aside from the psychological factor that can make it much worse, you may not be able to continue working your previous job, which will impact your whole life.

A compensation claim of this caliber is not something to take lightly as it will include a lot of expenses and potential losses, including not being able to do what you used to do. Whether it’s a sport, hobby, or job that you’ve become unable to do due to injury, a compensation claim will at least alleviate the financial burden that you would’ve otherwise carried over your shoulders for the rest of your life.

Speeding up Your Recovery

The funding that a compensation claim can provide you with can make the recovery process much faster. Many injuries resulting from traffic collisions require the earliest access possible to medical treatment, where time is a major element that must be taken into account. It’s known that the quickest and most efficient way to gain access to treatment is by paying it out of pocket or privately. But that isn’t exactly an option for many people who may not have enough savings or on a tight budget.

A personal injury claim can accelerate the process of treatment by facilitating funding arrangements through the medical agency of the insurance company, allowing you to gain medical access without paying out of pocket.

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Financial Help

The medical expenses of an accident aren’t the only high bill you may be forced to pay without a claim. Some many lost chances and opportunities can sometimes cost you more than the medical bill of a broken limb, for example. If you become unable to work your normal job temporarily for a few weeks or months, you may find yourself strapped by debt and financial responsibilities.

Compensation is the best direct way to be able to conveniently heal from your injuries without having to worry about how you’ll be able to work to make ends meet. It’s important to realize that even if the driver who caused the accident was uninsured, you can still make a claim for compensation in many cases.

Recognition of Accident

Whether you file a claim or not, the injury you sustained isn’t going to disappear. The fact remains that you are now in a serious situation that is going to take a toll on you. Claiming compensation can be the only thing that you can take solace in to be able to address your losses practically. It’s not like you wanted to be injured in a traffic accident; the injuries you sustained were pretty much caused by carelessness or negligence of other people. You won’t feel satisfied if you don’t do something about it and close this chapter in your life if you don’t claim compensation for such an ordeal. You don’t want to live the rest of your life regretting that you didn’t speak up and make a claim for all the damages you’ve sustained.

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A compensation claim is not exactly a luxury for millions of people. This claim can be the only way for you to get back on the right track without shouldering financial burdens. Even if you don’t feel like you’d get a satisfactory number from the insurance company, you should fight tooth and nail alongside a lawyer to get what you are owed.

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