Why Changing Home Air Filters Saves You Money

With the changing economic times, there is nothing as good as saving some money. Changing your Home Air Filters is one way of saving cash. By changing your HVAC air filters regularly, you get to save money and enjoy other benefits like a better, regulated temperature. According to location and proximity to dust, homeowners require changing their air filters regularly, at least once in three months.

Here is how you will save money by doing so.

1. Improves energy efficiency

You don’t have to suffer high energy bills just because you failed in changing your HVAC air filter. Did you know clean air filters improve energy efficiency?

Yes, it does since your equipment runs with ease, using less energy than when running with a clogged system. According to filterbuy.com, changing air filters can pay its costs due to saved energy costs. The clean, well-managed HVAC system uses less energy as compared to unmaintained. Change your air filter today and note the difference that comes with it.

Lastly, on this cost-effective measure, changing your air filter is economical to your home and the environment. You get to enjoy the right temperatures with subsidized costs and enjoy the fresh air while conserving the environment. The HVAC system, through the managed system, does not emit toxic gases into the environment.

Source: One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating

2. Regular changing of filter extends the lifespan of your HVAC unit

Most individuals do not understand that proper maintenance extends the lifespan of anything, including an HVAC system. What happens when you don’t service your car? You suffer significant breakdowns. Right?

That’s what happens when you don’t change air filters regularly. It makes your HVAC weak and thus shortens its life span. To help your HVAC system work for a long time and get value for your money, you need to be changing its air filters as required.

Let’s see how you get to increase HVAC lifespan through regularly changing its filters. When the air filters get clogged, your system uses a lot of electricity as it tries to push air through. When this dirt accumulates into the filters and gets filled, your HVAC will keep working extra hard, thus damaging some of its components, making it have a shorter life. If you want to extend your HVAC lifespan and save money in getting a new one, you need to change its air filters regularly.

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3. Lower repair schedules

With regular changing of air filters in your HVAC system at your home, you will save the agony of calling your electrician/maintenance person due to breakages. It is a bit costly to repair or replace your air conditioning system.

But when you maintain it well and change its filters, you won’t suffer extra expenses since well-maintained equipment does last longer. Like a vehicle, you get to enjoy a smooth ride without breakdowns by maintaining its servicing schedules.

Ensure your HVAC equipment gets serviced today and that the air filters are changed to avoid costs that come with unnecessary repair caused by the air filter’s clogging. If you are having a complicated HVAC system, which you can’t be changing its air filter on your own, of which most aren’t complicated, you need to create a plan with your maintenance person and let them come on schedule  times to have it changed. Change your filter today and dramatically reduce the cost of its repairs.

Source: Bob Vila

4. Better temperature control

Did you know a well-maintained HVAC system can give you the best temperature controls? Yes, it can save you the costs of purchasing other means of controlling your home temperature. For example, why should you need two HVAC systems in your house when you can manage one effectively?

When you maintain one HVAC system well, it can serve you better than having two or more, which aren’t maintained well. Change its filters today and other maintenance and get to see it serving you extraordinary. When you change your air filters regularly, combining them with thermostats, you will get the best experience of your HVAC system. You will enjoy better air controls using one unit, thus saving electricity and costs that come with buying a new HVAC.

A well-serviced air conditioner also enables you to run your home efficiently with privacy. While it is necessary to get serviced, a well-maintained HVAC system doesn’t require technicians coming to your house now and then to have your equipment checked. You will be staying for months without requiring anyone while enjoying the fresh air and saving on costs.

Source: Aggressive Mechanical Contractors

5. A well-maintained HVAC system improves air quality

What do you get from a clogged HVAC air system? It’s either you get the worst temperatures ever or disease-causing microorganisms. You can ask how? When your air filters get clogged, they accumulate disease-causing organisms and other dirt elements, including bacteria, pollen, mold, animal fur, bacteria, microorganisms, and much more.

What happens when these elements find a way into your house? It exposes the people living in the house to diseases and other infections. When these people get infected, they need to get treated, which costs money.

One way of saving the treatment costs is by regularly changing your air filters to prevent these organisms, thus preventing diseases. When you remove the old air filter, you aren’t disposing of it alone but with organisms trapped in it.

Do not leave these air filters unchanged for a long time to avoid these health issues. Have a regular maintenance plan, which includes changing the air filters, and you will save a lot of costs and ensure your family and other house occupants get the best air possible.

Always be on top of the schedule in maintaining your HVAC system. Many benefits come with it, as highlighted above, and much more related to what we have listed here. One thing you need to understand, maintaining is much better than getting new equipment.

To prevent your HVAC from breaking down, suffering from diseases, and having to buy a new one, change its filters regularly. We do hope tips on this article will help you a lot in coming up with a well-planned maintenance schedule to avoid unnecessary costs.

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